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    Hey ho, let’s GO!

    It’s been a long wait for this one: this Sunday, March 17, it’s time for Gorizia Enduro or GO Enduro 4Fun, the first race in the SloEnduro family in 2019.

  • Luca Braidot

    GoEnduro: Braidot, Braidot and Braidot

    Finally we started it, the 2018 enduro racing season. At the same place as last year, on the ondulating trails at the base of Collio hills where team Caprivesi of Gorizia, Italy put on the GoEnduro, round one of SloEnduro 4Fun series.

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    Gorizia Enduro: Wet race, lucky race!

    They say the sentence in the title is a popular Italian saying. So last Sunday at round 9 of SloEnduro 4Fun series in Gorizia, Italy, the riders and organizers could not be scared off by heavy rain in the first stage.