Second SloEnduro edition of the race in South of Slovenia attracted 165 riders from Slovenia and neighbouring countries. Successful premiere of Šerif trail.

In fourth round SloEnduro series just like at Dobrna two weeks before the siblings Tina and Miha Smrdel of MBK Črni Vrh stood on the highest steps of the podium. Both junior riders took overall women’s and man’s wins. This time it was another junior rider and Miha’s teammate Jernej Kavčič in second place overall, followed by the fastest elite rider David Ivartnik (Golovec trails) in third. Two more elite riders Nejc Huth ( in fourth and Jan Markič (ŠKTD Avče) in fifth place rounded out the overall podium.

Miha Smrdel was the fastest in special stages 1 and 3 but left the win on the second one on the new Šerif trail to Kavčič.

Tina was again fastest in all the special stages. In the end her teammate Maja Vojska placed second and Anja Marič (Golovec trails) third.

Tina and Miha were also the winners of Kenda SuperStage, the last one of the day, which united the trails Trdinka and Ciklama.

Long course categories

Besides the forementioned winners in the categories junior men, elite men and women these are the other categories winners on the long course: Blaž Černigoj (Kamplc Racing Team) in master 1, Luka Peskar (Golovec trails) in master2, Martin Brus (Kamplc) in master 3 and Nace Krivonog (Bosch Black Hole Enduro Team) in amateur category.

Short course 

Three special stages as well, just shorter and with less climbing than on the long course. For a change the U17 riders were setting the fastest times. Among 32 riders of the U17 male category Jakob Lorber (KK Završnica) emerged as winner from teammate Maks Struna and third placed Patrik Trošt (Kamplc). Less than three seconds apart.

Ažbe Kalinšek (Bikehanic – 20 Chocolate) once again won the U15 male category from Matija Ferjančič and Ian Laharnar (both Kamplc).

In girls’ U15 it was Ana Inkret (Calcit bike team) in front of serial winner Nežka Libnik (Bosch Black Hole Enduro Team) who was slowed down by a flat tire in SS3. Eva Zala Stergar (DGK Pohorje – Spank team) finished third. Lucija Mlinar (KK Ravne) again faced no competition in U17 female category.


Another tense race in the youngest category with 18 shredders: Jakob Praček (Kamplc) was fastest in a single special stage race with a small gap on Žiga Munih (Pedal Racing Team), Izak Bizjak (Kamplc) finished third.

All results here

Not that hot

On a warm summer day on Gorjanci range everyone was able to remember the 2021 race in extreme heat – and felt fresh in a moment, especially in the woods under Trdinov vrh where some sections remained moist throughout the day.

The members of Zverinice cyling club prepared three different special stages and a fourth one as a combination of two, then set up different loops for different courses. Only the fastest few had a race time of under 12 minutes on the long course. In a single race format that meant a better part of the day spent on bikes. The new Šerif (Sheriff) trail, serving as the first special stage of short course and second one on the long coursem proved to be a good enough challenge for all the participants.

The Zverinice crew, no strangers to mountain biking and organization, managed to upgrade last year’s already memorable event. They also had a good support from Novo mesto municipality and other partners. We can’t wait to return in 2023!

Zagorje is waiting

SloEnduro round five, the SloEnduro Cilenca, will be taking place on June 26. The single day format will be held on Cilenca trails in Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia, and organized by Zagorska dolina cycling club. Propositions and registration coming up shorty here.

But before let’s go to Koroška/Kärnten this weekend to EWS Petzen-Jamnica!


Photos by Tadej Bernik @photoforyou_fotozate