We mentioned SloEnduro 4fun several times before, but now is the perfect time to give you some more details about it. The main reason for introduction of new series is to make some room for new organizers with new race venues in SloEnduro series. Races are going to be shorter and easier for participants as well as for the organizers. In the long term we believe, that this is a good choice, because without new venues and new organizers there would be no progress for SloEnduro. On the other hand this kind of races will be a perfect opportunity for new riders, who would like to try this fun and social discipline of mountain biking.

The basic goal of this series is, that they require less preparation for the riders, less training on the track, arrival possible on the race day, and so on… We already presented example of one such race, the first SloEnduro 4fun, Enduro Kamnik. The primary goal is, that riders don’t need to be at the venue the day before, they will get to know the track on the race day or even during the race. Riders will be able to save money and time, and the entry fees are lower too, limited to 16€.

In 4fun events riders will compete in the same categories as in the SloEnduro series. Novelty for this year is HOBBY category, for all the riders without UCI license. Without the license riders cann’t race in other categories. The riders in Hobby category will race on the same track as others and will also be ranked in absolute category.

The ranking of SloEnduro 4fun series will be made in the overall men and women classification. The points of 4fun series will also be added to the general SloEnduro classification, both, men’s and women’s. Winning the 4fun race will bring you 100 points, while they will be distributed till 40th place.

Rankings in 2015 season

SloEnduro 4fun: Overall men | Overall women

SloEnduro: Mens (or call it Elite or Seniors) | Junior | Master1 | Master2 | Hobi |

(women in overall only, including 4fun points)

SloEnduro + 4Fun: Overall men | Overall women

The 2015 ranking example is published here: Ranking 2015

With SloEnduro 4fun we want to introduce enduro discipline to more riders. In addition to lowering costs, we also concluded that races will not be organized under the same exact format. So in 2015 we will have venues, running in different formats, and we hope that all this will give us answers to our questions, and show us the way, where to go.

We are already looking forward to the new season and can’t wait to get it started. Until then stay tuned for some more informations.

For more questions or comments contact us on sloenduro@gmail.com