SloEnduro series returns in 2017 with six races in four different countries, including an EWS qualification race. SloEnduro ranking points will again be available at six venues, with some changes. Enduro Soča and Enduro Kamnik are no longer part of the calendar, while the Kamplc Enduro returns with a new location. A brand new race venue in a new country for SloEnduro will take the second open spot in the calendar with Enduro Gradec in Austria. Some changes will apply on the existing locations as well…


This time we start in Grožnjan

In 2017 season we will face some more changes than usual. After four years, the series will not begin in Trieste, as this honor will be left to Enduro Grozni, which was the final race of the season for the last three years. We will stop in Grožnjan on the second week-end in April. April 8th and 9th to be more accurate. On Saturday there will be a course check and training with an evening prologue on the schedule in the old town center. Sunday will be the main race day held with approximately five stages on different trails around Grožnjan.


Enduro 3 Camini comes next

The classic opening race of the series comes second this year. We will stop above Trieste on last weekend in April for sixth edition of Enduro 3 Camini – 5th time as part of SloEnduro since it is a year older than the series. On a new location this time, they are moving it to Basovizza. So the venue moves further away from the first two held on Cattinara. Just course check and number pick-up on Saturday this time with some five different stages on Sunday.


EWS spots available through SloEnduro as well

Enduro Cerkno bo kvalifikacijska tekme serije EWS v sezoni 2017

Last weekend in May will be reserved for the fourth edition of Enduro Cerkno, which was voted the best race of SloEnduro for the last two seasons. With this title organizers also managed to place their race in EWS qualifications calendar. Since SloEnduro got one place in it, the most logic decision was to choose the best race of the season, voted by riders and other “players”.

On Saturday there will be a course check and training with the evening prologue in the Cerkno town center, while on Sunday the main race day will be on the schedule with approximately five stages on different trails in bike park Cerkno and its surroundings.


Long summer break interrupted by Black Hole Enduro

After Cerkno there would be a break of almost four months if it wasn’t for Black Hole Enduro which interrupts it right in the middle, just to keep the riders going. On last Friday in July there will be a prologue held in Ravne na Koroškem, with time for training on the stages during the day. On Saturday the main race day is on schedule with about 5 stages on different trails in trail park of Jamnica.

Nobody’s leaving right after the race since we still have Sunday to survive. Organizers will prepare guided tours and shuttling for Sunday. It will be a perfect opportunity to discover some magic trails not suitable for racing, but much more interesting.


A pair of new locations for the end of the season

It will take almost two months to continue the season. SloEnduro will be back at the time when the season is almost finished, but that is the best time of the year to ride a bike. Last two races will only be separated by two weeks break between them. First we stop in Graz at Schoeckl trail park area, as September 23rd and 24th will be reserved for Enduro Gradec. Austria will be the fourth country to host a SloEnduro race. On Saturday there is training to be held with the evening prologue at the bottom of the park, while on Sunday the main race is on the schedule with 5 to 6 stages on different trails in the park and its surroundings.

Two weeks later SloEnduro will stop on another new location, but with an old organization crew. Kamplc Enduro is returning on October 8th, but the race will no longer be held at the Javornik bike park, since the organizer decided to move it to their home town of Ajdovščina. On Saturday we can look forward to ride on the new trails and to get to known them, while on Sunday there will be a one-day race held on several different stages around Ajdovščina to close the season.


4Fun series to spice up the season

Kamplc Enduro will close the 2017 season, which will be enriched with the 4Fun series races all year long as well. Race plates will be used even before the opening in Grožnjan, as March 26th is reserved for the first 4Fun race in Gorizia, the GoEnduro. The whole 4Fun calendar will be published in next few days, but for now we can say that beside the first race in Gorizia, there will be six more of them. Four in Slovenia and the rest of them in Italy and Hungary.

See you in March at GoEnduro to warm up for the real deal with Enduro Grozni a fortnight later.


SloEnduro 2017

April 8th / 9th  | Enduro Grozni | Grožnjan (CRO)

April 30th | Enduro 3 Camini | Basovizza (ITA)

May 27th / 28th | Enduro Cerkno | Cerkno (SLO)

July 28th / 29th | Black Hole Enduro | Jamnica (SLO)

September 23rd / 24th | Enduro Gradec | Graz (AUT)

October 8th | Kamplc Enduro | Ajdovščina (SLO)