This year’s award presentation for top riders and teams of the SloEnduro season joins other disciplines at the Slovenia Cycling’s MTB Commission event.

We ended the first seven seasons of our series with a “gala” night, then a season without points followed (2020) and last year was the only time we presented the trophies at the final race.

And now something different: top three riders of each category are invited to the event held by Mountain Bike Commission of Slovenian Cycling Federation. Trophies for cross-country series (SloXcup), downhill series (Unior Downhill Cup), BMX race series (BMX Race Slovenia) and pumptrack series (Pumpaj Slovenija) will be handed out at the same event so there will be lots of riders present. Best teams of each series will also be announced.

The event will be held in Kolosej theater in Ljubljana on Saturday, November 26, starting at 6 pm.

One more trivia: there were 30 races between all the disciplines in the past season, SloEnduro contributed 7 (plus one without points), almost a quarter.

SloEnduro 2022 final standings


Photo Grega Stopar