Trnduro | September 8th 2018 | Trnovica (CRO)

Basic information

Organizer:  BBK Team Rodeo

Race date:  Saturday September 8 2018

Race venue: Trnovica, 51218 Dražice, Croatia

Head of the race: Goran Krišto

Course chief: Mario Poleti

Organization contact:

mailicongreen  bbk.teamrodeo@gmail.com | Head of race | Goran Kristo |+385 (0)91 602 3451

webicongreen  https://www.facebook.com/team.rodeo


Timing crew

mailicongreen  kucipedal@gmail.com  | Aleš Makuc | +386 31 851 539


Event description

The race will take place in the area of the Jelenje County and the start and the finish are located in Dražice below the ancient Grobnik castle. Only 15 km away from Rijeka and 20 km from Opatija this is an ideal place for biking and relaxation. Jelenje is known for its natural beauty. From river Riječina that supplies the city of Rijeka with fresh water to mountains in the background called Grobnik Alps to field of Grobnik where the battle between Croatian and Tatars was held in 1242. We hope we will be able to give you an interesting race.

Race format

One day endure race with four different special stages.

Starting orders

Starting order will be made according to SloEnduro rules. Riders will ride in normal starting order, so the best ranked rider (number 1) will start the first, while the rest will follow.


Friday September 7

11.00 – 16.00 – free training on marked courses

Saturday September 8

09:00 – 10:00 – registration, start numbers and chips pick up
10:30 – briefing
11:00 – start of the first rider
12:00 – start of special stage 1
13:30 – start of special stage 2
15:00 – start of special stage 3
16:30 – start of special stage 4
17:30 – finish and lunch
19:00 – award presentation
20:00 – party

Course description

The race will be held on four different stages in Trnovica venue.
Stage one Carevo 1.3 km long 175m of descent, the combination of an upper rocky part with lower soil part with jumps.
Stage two Peta 1.3 km long 175m of descending track with two rock sections in the upper part and bottom part with big drop out called Rampage.
Stage three Trn 1.6 km long 175 m of descend track with the same start as Peta with two pedaling parts and jump in the middle of the stage.
Stage four final and longest stage called Supertacky 1.8 km, 185m of descent fast track with jumps.
Hope you will have fun and enjoy our trails.
Race course and maps will be announced on August 9.


Start, finish and race office location are in Dražice. Location on Google maps.

Protecting gear

At the stages it is necessary to use helmet (integral “full-face” at the wish of the racer), knee pads and long gloves. A back protector (turtle) and elbow pads are recommended.

The guards must be correctly installed on stages. While on transfers riders are not obligated to use it, except for the helmet.


Browse here for accommodation options.

 Event and series rules and regulations

  • Competition will run under rules of UCI, rules KZS (Slovenian Cycling Federation) for Enduro and SloEnduro rules.
  • Any kind of course cutting is not allowed on the trails.  It will be randomly checked.  Any violation of this rule will lead to disqualification of the rider.
  • Competitors are taking part of the race on their own risk
  • Results of the race will be published on the race venue, 1h after finish and later on website www.sloenduro.com
  • Delegate of SloEnduro is taking care for everything to be in accordance to the rules and arrangement inside of SloEnduro (numbers, sponsors, starting positions etc…)
  • Arrival to the venue will be marked, as well as transfers to the start of the stages.
  • On transfers riders will need to observe all road traffic regulations.
  • With entry fee payment and starting number pick-up every rider confirms to agree with all conditions of this propositions and is riding on his own risk. Young riders need an adult person to take a responsibility for him which should be made by his parents or an adult person who signs an entry form.
  • Team managers meeting will be held before the start of the race, like it is scheduled on the event program. Meeting will be held at the race office.
  • Riders have to take care to pick up the timing chips before the start.
  • Riding and warming-up on the race course in the time of the event is prohibited and will be sanctioned.
  • There will be marshal positioned beside the course
  • Any riding outside the marked trail is not allowed and will be sanctioned
  • It is mandatory to use an Enduro safety helmet (integral at stages recommended, at least classic bicycle on transfers).
  • Complaint will be accepted by racing commision in accordance with the rules. It will be accepted by cheif referee up to 10 minutes after results release. Complaint caution to be paid 20,00eur
  • Medical team will be present on the race venue.
  • Race will be run with the use of electronic timing. Riders are obliged to return chip, otherwise organizer will charge a costs for a lost chip, which is 50,00eur
  • Organizer reserves the right to change this propositions, which will be announced soon enough.
  • Organizer is not responsible for the consequences, which riders cause to their self, other riders or third party.
  • Race course will be marked at least one day before the start and ready for inspection.

Organizer reserves the right to change the course, stage number or stage length due to unexpected situation such as bad weather and similar. Organizer will announce any changes early enough.


Entries and fees

Entries open

July 1st 2018

Entries system

Entries will run through the Prijavim.se portal. Other options will not be available. The entry is succesful when the rider:

– correctly fills out and sends the entry form through Prijavim.se

– pays the entry fee through Prijavim.se system

Entries deadline

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018, or until the places are filled

Late entries

Possible on the day of event

Early entry fee

25,00€ (for entries and payments received until the entry deadline. Payments through Prijavim.se

Late entry fee

35,00€ on the day of the event

Entry fee payment

Applications can be filled in via www.prijavim.se. The fee is paid in advance upon registration through the Prijavim.se portal, where you follow the instructions for the payment of the start-up fee. In the case of vacant spots and the acceptance of the application, the subsequent application is also possible until the day of the event (until Thursday 24.5.2018 23:59).

Payment of subsequent applications can only be made with cash on the day of the event (35 €).

Registration fee includes T-shirt, meal and drink.

No license riders

Non license riders can participate. They compete without any special restrictions. It is mandatory to pre-register with Prijavim.se, as for all other categories.

Underage riders

For all underage riders the responsibility has to be taken by an adult person, who sign their entry form.


Overall category

Juniors U19 (2001 and younger)

Men 19–24

Men 25–29

Men 30-34

Men 35–39

Men 40-44

Men 45-49

Men 50+ (1968 and older)

Women (all years)