• black-hole-enduro_101

    Black Hole Enduro: Video

    Po odlični in obsežni fotogaleriji zaključujemo letošnji Black Hole Endura še z obveznim videom. Tokrat je Tine v sodelovanju z Aircam.si ponovno opravil odlično delo in že je pred nami video poln akcije z dirkaškega vikenda na Koroškem. Uživaj ob ogledu After a great and big photo gallery, we are closing this year’s Black Hole…

  • Sloenduro_Bovec_2016_0 (28)

    Soča Enduro | Video

    After third race comes the third report, then the third photo gallery (well, we’ve had more) and finally the third video, produced by Tine Lenart. You could have been reading the reports and watching the photos but if you were not there it was hard to imagine how tricky were the Bovec trails in the…

  • Vid v akciji

    Enduro Cerkno | Video

    The heavily anticipated second video of the 2016 SloEnduro season is here – Enduro Cerkno. Watch it and you will see why this is a special race. Of course the video was once again in the hands of Tine Lenart and AirCam.si. 3, 2, 1 … Go!

  • 3camini2016_095

    Enduro 3 Camini: Video

    The opening race of the season, held above San Dorligo della Vale and the city of Trieste was wild and so is the video. Check you the mind boggling speed and lines on trails called Jama, 3 Camini, Cascatelle, Botazzo, Beka in Kenda Superstage youself. Over 6 minutes of action with some interviews in video by Tine…