Kamplc Enduro

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    Kamplc Enduro 2019 | Course

    This Sunday at 2019 SloEnduro Series round 1, the Kamplc Enduro in Ajdovščina, the riders will face six special stages: Valdo, Frutabela, Klop/Kamplc, Freeride, Kosa/Ilegal and Škou.

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    SloEnduro 2019 starts in Ajdovščina again this weekend

    Third edition of Kamplc Enduro on Ajdovščina trails on Sunday April 14. Close to 200 riders from Slovenia and neighbourhood on six special stages which will not be covered in dust.

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    Enduro Kamplc 2018 | Video

    SloEnduro’s in-house filmmaker Tine Lenart with Jani Brumat on second camera plus some GoPro shots by Julian Hauer and there you have it, the video from Enduro Kamplc, the first round of 2018.

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    Enduro Kamplc 2018 | Photo galley number two

    Here’s the second photo gallery from Sunday’s Enduro Kamplc, contributed by Anita Ferjančič.