golovec trails

  • 200925_golovec-video

    Golovec trails | Video

    Three minutes of action and behind the scenes video from the last SloEnduro 4Fun series event of 2020, held in Ljubljana.

  • Enduro4fun Golovec

    Golovec trails | Photo gallery

    A rich gallery of pics from last SloEnduro 4Fun series gathering of the season.

  • Enduro4fun Golovec

    Golovec trails | That big 4Fun series event

    A big enduro event on the second level of enduro racing in Slovenia. This is how one could describe Golovec trails race in Ljubljana.

  • slovenija 22.09.2019, Enduro 4 fun Golovec, foto: Anže Petkovšek

    Golovec trails Ljubljana | Photo gallery

    Our photographer Anže Petkovšek lost it. For the galley from Sundays’s 4Fun event in Ljubljana he sent in no less than 343 photos. But then again, you can’t pick out any less from a field  of 201 riders…