Enduro Krvavec

  • First mass race in SloEnduro history. We belive it was not last! Foto: Sandi Bertoncelj

    Medvešček and Zupan the fastest from Krvavec

    Great success for the first mass race in SloEnduro history, held by local bike klub ŠD Bam.Bi and their leader Anže Bizjak. It was also a great introduction for new venue RTC Krvavec and their new Rock’N’Flow trail, dropping from the upper to lower cable car station. From qualification to mass start race from the top of Krvavec After…

  • Krvavec is waiting for us! Photo:  markusteam.blogspot.com

    Enduro Krvavec with mass start

    Krvavec is a well promising destination for all mountain bike enthusiasts. When we add the word “enduro”, we are sure we will get your 100% attention. The organizers from ŠD Bam.bi did a great job with releasing their idea of Enduro Krvavec under the SloEnduro series. The event will be held at an incredible location, on…