Enduro Kamnik

  • persak_mlinar

    Enduro Kamnik or Slovenian Enduro Open

    This weekend round five of SloEnduro series hosted by experienced Calcit Bike Team. Doubles as National Championships and there is a music festival in the mix. This season SloEnduro, the Slovenian international mountain bike enduro series, unites six events in Slovenia, Italy and Croatia. Each event is unique and so is the Enduro Kamnik this…

  • Enduro Kamnik was a hard challenge for the riders

    Last saturday it was reserved for the first race of new SloEnduro 4Fun series, which was held in Kamnik. After checking the entry list we were very excited about the number of riders on it, since there was 114 entered riders with a lot of new names on the list. But we were a bit…

  • Miha Spruk, organiser and rider at once

    Enduro Kamnik 2015 a bit differently

    The organizers of Enduro Kamnik, Calcit Bike Team, have decided that in 2015 season their race will be a part of the new 4Fun series. With the first race of this new SloEnduro 4Fun series they want to show how these events should look like. So we are looking forward to see a slightly different race in Kamnik than in…