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    Enduro Gradec | Video

    Tine Lenart’s video from penultimate round of the series on Schöckl. Bang, bang, bang!

  • Enduro Gradec

    Enduro Gradec | photogallery

    Five races are already behind us this season, but the last one in Graz, served us with some hardest and wildest stages. Matej caught all the action at Schöckl on his camera and prepared a gallery with almost 200 photos, which we are publishing. Enjoy watching  

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    Enduro Gradec | Petz and Peki win and take national titles

    In round five of SloEnduro series Schöckl above Graz hosted two days of demanding racing and delivered tight outcome. Styria’s finest Petra Bernhard and Markus Pekoll emerged as winners while Vid Peršak already secured the overall series title.

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    Enduro Gradec | Skant .09 faster than Peršak in prologue

    Enduro Gradec, round five of SloEnduro series and Austrian National Championships race, started on Schöckl mountain above Graz with a prologue stage. 148 riders turned up and home rider Gerd Skant (Team Dorrong) set the fastest time of 1 minute, 14 seconds and 96 hundreds. His Slovenian teammate Vid Peršak finished second just 9 hundreds…