enduro gorjanci

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    Enduro Gorjanci | Video

    You didn’t forget about the race on the hot side of Gorjanci range, right!? Here’s a short but action filled video from Saturday’s prologue and Sunday’s special stages.

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    Enduro Gorjanci | Photo gallery

    A huge gallery of photos from Gorjanci. No choice, really, since we also has a Saturday prologue after a long time, even if just an unofficial one that was not included in the race.

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    Enduro Gorjanci | Junior and rookie rule the trails of hell

    Junior Miha Smrdel (MBK Črni Vrh) and rookie Tjaša Fifer (ŠD Grabit), who is not new to two-wheeled racing, were the fastest at the second stop of SloEnduro series in red hot Gorjanci hills in Southern Slovenia.

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    Enduro Gorjanci | The Course

    Here’s the track for the first Enduro Gorjanci under the SloEnduro roof. On Sunday the riders will face three special stages..