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  • BLA-3925

    Kamplc Enduro | Photo gallery 1

    80 + 1 photos by Klavdij Blažko from Sunday’s opening race of 2021 SloEnduro series in Ajdovščina.

  • Vid Peršak, foto Klavdij Blažko

    Kamplc Enduro | From liquid to sticky, but great nevertheless

    Record attendance of Slovenian riders at National Championships race in Ajdovščina. 143 riders at the start, 48 of them younger than 17.


    Kamplc enduro | The Course

    Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s what we’ll be racing on to open the 2021 season this Sunday: three special stages with about 10 km in length (including transfers) and with total elevation gain/drop of about 750 vertical meters.

  • Tim Jež

    Kamplc enduro | Let’s go to Ajdovščina!

    The most classic of the Slovenian enduro races, the Kamplc Enduro in Ajdovščina, to open the new SloEnduro season this Sunday, May 23. This will also be the 2021 Slovenian National Championships race.