SloEnduro internal rules

Here below you will an internal SloEnduro rule book. This are our intern rules aplied on our races. Beside this rules, Slovenian Cycling Federation has it’s “MTB competition rule book” which determines racing rules of enduro. Race format, protection gear demands, responsibilities etc… Those rules has not been translated yet unfortunately, but mostly rules are the same as in several other countries, so riders are more or less aware of them.





This Rule book lays down rules and procedures for all participants in races of SloEnduro series in enduro.

Series SloEnduro consists of several competitions during the season. Special rules of  SloEnduro series are determined by work group consisting from organizers of individual races as well as other representatives. The rules laid down by SloEnduro begin to be valid based on nominations of organizer for the implementation of the competition immediately after classification of the race in the calendar of SloEnduro.

Races of SloEnduro series take place at two levels, SloEnduro series and series 4Fun.


Competition rules


Competition will be held according to this Rule book, Rules of the National Cup and National Championship in discipline mountain biking and BMX and Cycling Federation of Slovenia Rules and according to the rules of UCI.

All the rules laid down by these regulation take account on the races of SloEnduro unless otherwise stated.

Races of SloEnduro are measured by the timing system or manually. When timing system with cards Sportident is used is norm accuracy is 1 second. When two contestants have same time the site rank is shared.

Timekeeping stations must be placed in finish area of stages in a prominent place and clearly marked so that competitor clearly see where to go.

Race organizer is required to explain the method of measuring time and give directions for contestants.

Competitors are obligated to acquaint with the method of time measuring system and its use.

Organizer have to ensure a reduction of speed in finish area at the end of individual stage with sharp turn, corner or similar barrier before end of the stage.


Race ranking


SloEnduro races are divided into SloEnduro series and 4Fun series. They differ in scope and difficulty of the competition. SloEnduro races are typically one day or exceptionally two-day competition where first day of race is prologue or time stages (in 2018 we only have one-day races on the calendar). 4Fun races are usually one day races with less time stages. Time to see the stages is generally also available on the day of race. 4Fun races are flexible and differences between individual races can occur. Scoring and other details are specified within this Rule book.


Races abroad


Rules on races of SloEnduro series can be modified. Mainly on races abroad (Italy, Croatia, Austria, Hungary, … ) rules may vary from home so it is necessary to follow the rules of the organizer and the country where SloEnduro hosted.

The exact terms and conditions of race are written in announcement of race by organizer.


Race application and Race notice


Race notice is the basic file of each individual race. Notwithstanding of provision of the Rule book of Slovenian Cycling Federation and Rulebook of SloEnduro a Race notice may contain modification or additions to this rules which contestants of the race have abide by.

Final regulations of race is define by organizer Race notice.

Race notice must be examine by members of SloEnduro in cooperation with Committee for mountain biking before publication and confirm by them.

Race organizer must send Race notice to SloEnduro organization no later than 30 days before the start of the race.

Committee send Race notice to all registered clubs in Slovenia and published it on website of Cycling Federation of Slovenia.

SloEnduro publish Race notice and all information of the race on website www.sloenduro.com.

Race notice must be available to the public no later than 14 days before the competition.

Race notice is published on a single form provided to organizer by SloEnduro. Organizer must fill the form with all required information.

If organizer does not send Race notice to SloEnduro within prescribed period or the form of Race notice does not contain prescribed information can SloEnduro withdraw the status of “SloEnduro race” of an event and exclude it from the series.

Basic information on all events (date, place, contact) should be available on the website SloEnduro before the race season.

If organizer put application for organizing race into SloEnduro calendar and not organize the race organizer will be penalized with ban on entry in the calendar for upcoming year.

Organizer must due to objective reasons canceled the race entered in annual calendar 30 days before scheduled date in writing form.

Cancellation must be sent to SloEnduro which inform all clubs. Objective reasons for cancellation of the race concludes SloEnduro.


Rules of race and training


SloEnduro races: On the day of the competition activities are scheduled and determine by schedule which is final and  unified. Organizer must determine schedule of the race and included in Race notice. Generally are race routes published two days before main event but the final schedule is determined by the Race notice for each race separately.

Training on routes: Time for training is defined by the organizer before main event of the race. Time for training will be determined in Race notice for each race separately.

Training using vehicle (“shuttle”): On SloEnduro races shuttle with vehicle on training will be generally prohibited when prohibition will be fair to all competition and feasible on the place of race. Final notice is defined by the organizer in Race notice.

Competitors who does not abide rules defined b Race notice can be disqualified before, during or after the race or punished with time penalty or withdrawal of a certain number of points of in any other way determined by the Race notice. This can be done by Head of the race, delegate of race, coordinator of SloEnduro or judge. Organizer is obligated to define rules of training in the Race notice.

The aim of above provisions is to enable farrier conditions for all competitors and to promote socializing on training days. Therefore the final rules about training rules will be determined for each race separately due to honesty for all contenders because conditions vary from scene to scene.

If prolog is organized must be in late afternoon hours the day before main event. Main event usually starts in the morning.

Notwithstanding with the provisions of this Article races of 4Fun series can start later in the day. Organizer is obligated to provide time to view the route on the day of race but also on the day before main event.

Notwithstanding with the provisions of this Article on 4Fun series races  motorized vehicles can be used as specified in the Race notice.


Registration and entry fees


All information about pre- registration are published in Race notice on web site www.sloenduro.com.

Pre – registration are possible no later till Wednesday at 24 : 00 or due to organizer Race notice of the race.

Pre – registration must include surname and name of contender, club name and  category and license number or membership card of Cycling Federation of Slovenia number or date of birth.

Pre – registration is sent by e – mail or by online form on website of the race or www.sloenduro.com or www.prijavim.se.

Information about pre – registration are determined by the organizer and are available on website www.sloenduro.com.

Contender (or team manager) must in race headquarters sign in and take the starting numbers.

In categories of Elite, Master 1, Master 2, Junior and Women can attend only contenders with valid UCI license.

If contender does not have valid UCI license or membership card can attend in category HOBI. At registration must submit identification document that shows date of birth and place of residence.

The organizer can require insurance for participants on the race which otherwise is covered by the license or membership card. As far as possible can be provided insurance for main event of the race on expense of each contender  which is settled upon payment of entry fee.

Organizer has the right to refuse participations to all participant without license or membership card ( to those which does not have an insurance) which must be published in Race notice before race.

Entry – fee for SloEnduro races is for contenders in pre – registration 26,00€ without pre – registration / on the day of event 35,00€.

Entry – fee for 4Fun races is for all contenders in pre – registration 20,00€ without pre – registration / on the day of event 25,00€.

Those totals does not include any fees created by paying entry fee in advance by Paypal, cards, etc.

Organizer or time measuring team can required fee for use of advanced time chips at maximum of 5,00€.

Above prices are only predicted and there are possibilities due to some changes between different races. Organizer can determine in Race notice final price of entry fee or payment in advanced, etc.

Organizer can require payment of starting fee in advance for payment on the race day can abide increased price.

Entry fee also includes any transport provided for contenders on the race day.

Cancellations are possible, deadline is determined by the organizer in Race notice.

Organizer can require paying of the entry fee for contenders whom are registered on the race and do not take the starting numbers and case declared to SloEnduro.


Categories SloEnduro series


Categories SloEnduro series for season 2018 are :

Categories Age Categories with MTB licenses
Absolute All ages Indefinite
Juniors 2000 and younger Juniors and younger
Men 1999 – 1989 Elite, U23, Amaters
Master 1 1988 – 1979 Master 1
Master 2 1978 and older Master 2 and older
Women All ages All with license
Hobby indefinite Without licence


Race numbers and ranking


SloEnduro provide race numbers for entire season. Organizer has the right to order race numbers with their sponsors. Organizer must informed SloEnduro at least 30 days before race. The cost of producing new numbers is covered by the organizer.

Any cutting or folding of numbers that would hide logos of sponsors and name of series is prohibited.

Starting numbers of SloEnduro series and National Championship in Enduro are given according to the order of absolute scoring SloEnduro series after last race. Over all points from previous season is also taken in account and is equivalent to sum of points of individual race of SloEnduro (1.place is 400 points, 2.place 300 points, 3.place 250 points, etc ). This way contenders who raced in previous season and have omitted first race of the season because of various reasons still are “partly protected” and have same starting position as it was their overall place in overall ranking of previous season.

Women category is classified according to order of overall ranking from previous season of SloEnduro series after the last race and starting numbers are assign together in starting order.


Proclamation and prizes


Proclamations are for the first three competitors in each category and in total category (absolute) for top five contenders.

The first three in each category are awarded with cup or trophy. Cash prizes are not mandatory.

Proposed prize absolute:

1.place   300€

2.place   150€

3.place   80€

4.place   50€

5.place   25€

Obligation for contenders is to attend the award ceremony  dressed in racing clothes or at least jersey.

Contender who without valid reason fails to comply above rules can SloEnduro penalize.

Winner in each category can bring on the podium bicycle.


Scoring of individual contenders and teams


For the preparation of the results immediately after the race is responsible team from organizer of the race.

For the preparation of scoring is responsible coordinator of series SloEnduro. Sum must be published within 5 days after the race.

Points are awarded to all contenders irrespective of nationality.

Races in season 2018 are divided into SloEnduro series and 4Fun series, with 4Fun series being held without any scoring.

Scoring in SloEnduro Series

Individual categories and also absolute category is given scores.  Every contender is ranked in absolute category and in classified category.

The winner receives 400 points. Points are allocated up to 80. place in scoring scale listed in 15.article of this Rule book.

In absolute scoring points of 4Fun Series are not included (in 2018 4Fun races are without scoring).

All races of SloEnduro in one season are scored.

Ties: if two contenders have in final ranking of SloEnduro equal amount of points is the higher ranked one with better placing in the final race. If both of contenders are without points from final race or tied count better result from second last race and so on.

The teams are also scored. For final ranking are abide scores of all male contenders in absolute ranking and points from top women classification in women’s absolute. Only races from SloEnduro Series are taken into account.

In team ranking are not included contenders in Hoby category and contenders without license.

If two teams have same number of points is better placed one with larger amount of contenders.

Best three ranked in each category will be invited to the award ceremony organized by SloEnduro.

The participation of contenders at the award ceremony is obligatory.

Scoring in the 4Fun Series

4Fun series is 2018 is runing without any scoring.

Code of Conduct


Each contender with application for race and payment of the entry fee become part of SloEnduro Series thereby has to respect the rules of SloEnduro and consequently rules of Cycling Federation of Slovenia for enduro.

Contenders are obligated to respect other contenders from their own and other teams.

Contenders are obligated to follow code of “fair play” from Rule book of Cycling Federation of Slovenia.

Competitors are required to respect organizer, the technical delegate, judges and other volunteers who help with the organization of the series and races (photographers, cameramen, journalists, coordinators, etc. ) and help them is possible or necessary.

Competitors are obligated to respect sponsors of the series of individual race.

Fair play


Nature of endure competitions requires a great deal of cooperation among participants especially when it comes to injuries or falls.

If competitor catch up another competitor that was involved in the fall must make sure that everything is all right or if help is needed to help. When it turns up that competitor did not offer appropriate help to another competitor when needed can be disqualified from race. If contender suspend the race due to help another competitor at this stage his time is not measured but he gets the same time as a contender placed on place of his average rank on stages (rounded down). For example: Rider has 2nd, 5th and 7th place in the first, second and fourth stage. In the third stage he stopped and helped injured contender and sacrificed his ranking. Its average ranking in the competition (2+5+7 divided by 3) is 4,67, so he aby the same time as a contender on 4. place on stage 3. To a contender who stopped to help injured competitor also does not take into account bonus time for delay on each upcoming start of upcoming stages that day of the race.

The rules from “fair play” does not refer to the technical difficulties of competitors with bikes or equipment.  The justification of all exemption from “fair play” is established by judge of race together with the organizer.

Contenders have to provide fair condition for all contenders. In case of spotting contender who does not abide the rules (not wearing helmet on the transfer, cuts stages, changes the parts of the bike) theirs duty to cautioned and explained that doing this is not fair to the other contenders who abide the rules.

Slower contenders must allow overtaking to faster riders who start the race behind them.




All violations under the Rule book Cycling Federation of Slovenia for competitions in enduro will be settled on the spot. Decisions are in charge of organizer, technical delegate or judge of the race.

Notwithstanding the provision in the preceding paragraph if infringements of the rules are proven later (eg. Shortening lines visible on video tape) competitor will be penalized even after the race as determined by the 77. Article of National Cup and National Championship in discipline of mountain biking and BMX Rule book and at Rule book of Cycling Federation of Slovenia.

All violations of SloEnduro Rule book (competitor does not come to award ceremony, not paid entry fee, not respecting conduct rules and other violations) is established by the race commission of SloEnduro provided by the organizers before racing season and published on www.sloenduro.com. In case of a violation contender gets warning or as a last resort case his points from one or all races of SloEnduro Series are erased.

Ranking list


Races of SloEnduro Series are ranked as listed below. The same ranking is used to all categories and in absolute category.

ranking Number of points
1. 400 15. 120 29. 74 43. 46
2. 300 16. 115 30. 72 44. 44
3. 250 17. 110 31. 70 45. 42
4. 220 18. 105 32. 68 46. 40
5. 200 19. 100 33. 66 47. 38
6. 190 20. 95 34. 64 48. 36
7. 180 21. 90 35. 62 49. 34
8. 170 22. 88 36. 60 50. 32
9. 160 23. 86 37. 58 51. 30
10. 150 24. 84 38. 56
11. 140 25. 82 39. 54
12. 135 26. 80 40. 52
13. 130 27. 78 41. 50
14. 125 28. 76 42. 48


Contenders placed from 51. to 80.place gets with each place one point less. Ranking on 80.place brings one point.

All contenders ranked from 80.place above gets one point including last placed. Contenders with DNF don’t get any points.


4Fun Series in 2018 is runing without any scoring.




Which is not regulated with this Rule book is set by the Rule book of National Cup and National Championship in mountain biking and BMX at Cycling Federation of Slovenia.

Rules of SloEnduro can be changed whereof SloEnduro must inform all involved via www.sloenduro.com.

At each race organizer must published Race notice which is the most important document of race. Notwithstanding of the rules of Cycling Federation of Slovenia and Rule book of SloEnduro can come to some differences in rules at individual races which must organizer published in Race notice and inform contenders about it.

Competitors are obligated to inform them self with Race notice and rules for each race.