Merjasec Enduro | Ruše


Merjasec Enduro | June 17th | Ruše (SLO)

Basic informations

Organiser: Športno društvo NLP

Race date: June 17th 2018

Race venue: Ruše – Areh (SLO)

Head of the race: Renato Kolmanko

Race office chief: Saša Sevšek

Course chief: Luka Rakuša

Organisation contacts:

mailicongreen areh.turizem@gmail.com | head of the race | Renato Kolmanko | 041 644 932

mailicongreen info@lukasbikes.si | course chief | Luka Rakuša| 068 673 144

mailicongreen race office chief | Saša Sevšek | 00386 41 604 469

webicongreen www.nlp-sport.si

fbiconwhite Merjasec Weekend

Timing crew

mailicongreen kucipedal@gmail.com  | Aleš Makuc | +38631851539

Race description

Merjasec Enduro Ruše is a one-day competition, which counts for the points of the SloEnduro series. On Saturday, 16.6. 2018, the entire course will be open for training.

On Sunday, on the day of the race, the competitors will have time to get to know the course of the competition by 10.30 am. The competition will take place on three different tracks in Areh, Ruše and it’s surroundings. Trails are going to the valley this year.

Race format

Classic format with three stages, with the possibility of training one day before.

Starting orders

Starting order will be made according to SloEnduro rules. Riders will ride in normal starting order, so the best ranked rider (number 1) will start the first, while the rest will follow.


Saturday: 16.6. 2018

09.00 – Free training

13.00 – 14:00 Race office open

Sunday: 17.6.2018

8.00 – 10:00 Race office open

10.30 – Shuttle from Ruše to Apnice under Areh

13.00 – start of the first competitor

16.30 – anticipated arrival of the last competitor

17.00 – award ceremony

Course description

The competition will take place on the three different stages in the total length of the descent 6.22 km and a height difference of 979 meters.

The trails are new routes from Areha to Ruš, mainly on dirt ground with several sections of the roots and rocks.

Most trails run on forest paths, but there are also open routes or trails, on the ski slope. The routes are partly technical partly fast, with transfers on gravel roads with totaling 12.84 km of 725 meters high altitudes. The start will be located in the Ruše Sports Park, where one of the reinforcing zone will be organized, where the organizer will take care of the drinks and snacks for all participants. Other reinforcement stations are located along the route of the competition, at the very beginning of the first stage, and on the cabin and terrace Cojzerica along the course.


The exact course of the race will be published a week before the competition.


Kenda SuperStage will be organised on the Enduro Merjasec Enduro. Organisers will decide which stage is the most special one which will be remembered by riders the most. That stage will be chosen to wear a title “Kenda SuperStage”. Fastest rider on that stage will be awarded by Kenda. Which stage is it, will be announced together with the course details.

Training on the course (edit 11.6.2018)

Course will be marked on Saturday before the race and ready to ride. Riders will be allowed to go on the course only on their own power, since any shuttle and assisted lift to the top is not allowed.

So Shuttle is not allowed before the race.


The main venue will be in the Ruše Sports Park, where there will also be a race office, timing service and information and from where they will also drive shuttles. The parking lots are just next to the Sports Park Ruše and nearby, which will also be marked on the published map of the competition.

Safety gear

Safety gear is mandatory according to SloEnduro rules. On stages there is mandatory to use:  full-face helmet, knee protectors and full-finger gloves. Back protector and elbow protectors are highly advised as well. On transfer riders can ride with normal XC helmet. All protection must be well fitted during the stages, while on transfers riders are not obligated to use it, except for the helmet.


Some of the addresses of overnight stays whose prices range from 15,00eur to 20,00eur

Koča Cojzarca


Youth hostel Ruše


Hotel Veter


 Basic rules

  • Competition will run under rules of UCI, rules KZS (Slovenian Cycling Federation) for Enduro and SloEnduro rules.
  • Anykind of course cutting is not allowed on the trails.  It will be randomly checked.  Any violation of this rule will lead to disqualification of the rider.
  • Prologue is not obligatory to ride. Riders not present will get an avarage time of the whole field.
  • Competition will run under rules of UCI, rules KZS (Slovenian Cycling Federation) for Enduro and SloEnduro rules.
  • Competitors are taking part of the race on their own risk
  • Prize fund is under the rules of SloEnduro
  • Results of the race will be published on the race venue 30min after finish and later on website sloenduro.com
  • Chief Referee: KZS referee
  • Delegate of SloEnduro is taking care for everything to be in accordance to the rules and arrangment inside of SloEnduro (numbers, sponsors, starting positions etc…)
  • On Saturday race office will be located on race venue.  On Sunday race office will be located at race venue. Arrival to the venue will be marked, as well as transfers to the start of the stages.
  • On transfers riders will need to observe all road traffic regulations.
  • With entry fee payment and starting number pick-up every rider confirms to agree with all conditions of this propositions and is riding on his own risk. Young riders needs an adult person to take a responsibility for him which should be made by his parents or an adult person who signs an entry form.
  • Team managers meeting will be held before the start of the race, like it is sheduled on the event programme. Meeting will be held at the race office.
  • Riders have to take care to pick up the timing chips before the start.
  • Riding and warming-up on the race course in the time of the event is prohibited and will be sanctioned.
  • There will be marshal positioned beside the course
  • Any riding outside the marked trail is not allowed and will be sanctioned. At the race we will randomly control, both physically and electronically with the SportIdent timing system. An unrecognized “punch” on a certain section of the track will mean automatic disqualification!
  • Protecting gear is mandatory like the rules of KZS for enduro sais (Full-face helmet on the stages, XC helmet is allowed on transfers. Kneepads, full-finger glowes are mandatory on the stages).
  • Complaint will be accepted by racing commision in accordance with the rules. It will be accepted by cheif referee up to 10 minutes after results release. Complaint caution to be paid 20,00eur
  • Medical team will be present on the race venue.
  • Race will be run with the use of electronic timing. Riders are obliged to return chip, otherwise organiser will charge a costs for a lost chip, which is 50,00eur
  • Organiser reserves the right to change this propositions, which will be announced soon enough.
  • Organiser is not responsible for the consequences, which riders cause to their self, other riders or third party.
  • Race course will be marked at least one day before the start and ready for inspection.
  • Organiser reservers the right to change the course, stage number or stage lenght due to unexpected situation such as bad weather and similar. Organiser will announce any changes soon enough.


Entries and fees

Entries open


Entries system

Entries will run through the Prijavim.se portal. Other options will not be available. The entry is succesfull when the rider:

– correctly fills up and send the entry form through Prijavim.se

– pays the entry fee through Prijavim.se system or transfer to TRR Športno društvo NLP

A copy of the payment receipt (valid for those who will apply in the context of subsequent applications) is sent to the mail organizer.

Entries deadline


Late entries

Late entries will also be available on the day of the competition, or until the place is filled. The organizer will communicate this via the social network of FB. In case the places are not filled, all competitors who will register on the day of the competition will be able to compete.

Early entry fee

35 EUR (for applications and payments before the entry deadline – the date above) – payment through the portal Prijavim.se or TRR Športno društvo NLP

Shuttle transportation on the competition is included in the start-up fee.

Late entry fee

45 € (for all applications and payments after the completion of regular registration and payment on the day of the event)

Entry fee payment

Entries payments will run trough the Prijavim.se system. All informations about payment are available during the entry procedure.

Tekmovalci brez licence

Riders without the license can race without any extra limits. Entry is obligatory by Prijavim.se as well as for all other riders and categories. Organiser advises to order an Slovenian Cycling Federation membership card, but it’s not obligatory. With the membership, riders gets the thirdy party liability insurance for the whole season.

Riders can order, pay and receive the KZS card also on the day of the event.

Riders without UCI licence can only participate in HOBI category

Underage riders

For all underage riders (born after 17.6. 2000) the responsibility has to be taken by an adult person, who sign their entry form.


Race will be held under the SloEnduro categories


Absolute category

JUNIORS (2000 younger)

MEN (1999 till 1989 including)

MASTER 1 (1988 till 1979 including)

MASTER 2 (1978 and older)

WOMEN (all ages)

HOBI (all ages)