Matadown 2018



9:00 – 17:00  Free training

8.00 – 9.00 Race office opening and UCI card verification
09:30 Technical meeting for athletes
10:00 – 11:00 Qualifying heats
11:00 – 13:30 Transfer to Monte Matajur (by bus)
14:00 – Start1 ^ Men’s battery
2.15 pm – Start of single female battery
2.30 pm – Start 2 ^ Men’s battery
16:00 – Race deadline
17:00 Awards

All times are subject to change at discretion of the organization.
Event may be canceled at the discretion of the organizers in case of severe weather or any other situation that could affect the safety of the runners along the way.

3.      KIND OF RACE

MATADOWN is a Marathon Downhill race with collective start (mass start). It is disputed on mainly downhill on a dirt path and may present narrow and exposed stretches, rocks, fords, steep climbs and descents and is unsuitable for untrained or novice competitors. The length of the route is about 12.5 km with a vertical drop of 1400 meters.

Respect for the environment, the mountains and the paths is at the top of the organization’s intentions and must also be those of the participants who must respect the regulation of the event and the Highway Code, particularly in the crossings of the countries. During the event it will be necessary to maintain a sporting and fair behavior not hindering the fastest competitors and not creating dangerous situations for the slower and / or inexperienced participants.


MATADOWN is reserved for a maximum of 150 participants.

From this year the race will go under Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) rules.
This mainly means that unfortunately we cannot accept anymore HOBI/Non-Licensed riders categories (Exactly as happened in past Trieste and Gorizia SloEnduro races).


How to register for the race Slovenian, Croatian, Styrian and Carinthians UCI licensed riders:

How to register for the race from other regions (UCI licensed riders):

Those who do not have the appropriate documentation will not be sent on the day of the race.
The registrations will be considered valid only AFTER the verification of the payment.
Registration requires automatic acceptance and in full of this regulation.
Each biker must check the card from the jury before the withdrawal of the number table.


Registration fee includes participation in the race, mechanized ascent to the Pelizzo lodge at the day of the event (by coach for athletes and by van for bikes) and gadgets at the discretion of the organization;
Payment must be made through: PayPal to info@vallimpiadi.it,
VAT Registration Association Vallimpiadi 02732070301 c.f. 94127880303
The registrations will be considered valid only if the payment of the registration fee will be successful.

This will be confirmed by a summary email that you will receive at the e-mail address indicated in the registration.
Registration fee paid is not refundable.
For further security and security it is advised to have the receipt of payment at the time of verification of the licence.


During qualifying and competition heats, it is mandatory to use a helmet with chin guard and strap, specific for the practice of ENDURO DH and 4X. The helmet must have a visor / face. The use of a helmet that allows uncovered chin is prohibited. The use of a lighter XCO helmet is permitted during transfers. There are also mandatory hand, knee and back protections with products regularly marketed for specific use,

The use of any other type of protection (elbow pads, long gloves, neck brace …) is highly recommended. The competitor must be self-sufficient for any mechanical problems. It is advisable to have the mobile phone with you, to be contacted or to contact the organization in case of problems during the event or in case of withdrawal. The telephone number to be contacted in case of emergency will be communicated during the briefing.

7.     BIKE

It is allowed to participate with mountain bike bicycles (MTB), Hardtail frames, provided with a suspension fork in good condition and sturdy structure, Full type XC, Full type AII-mountain / enduro, full type DH. Each participant is responsible for his own vehicle.
E-bikes are not allowed.

8.     CONDUCT

On the site of the event, the track of the race route will be published (map and GPX file), in such a way as to allow a reconnaissance of the track in the days before the race. This activity is not compulsory and must be carried out in complete autonomy and always respecting the environment, the mountains, the paths and inhabited centers crossed. No responsibility, of any nature, for damages to persons or coughs deriving from accidents or wrongdoing during this activity, can in any way be carried out by the organization and those who collaborate with it.

The bib numbers will be assigned according to the registration order and then to the card verification.

The technical meeting with the Organization Manager, the Jury Panel, the Team Managers / Sporting Directors / Athletes with the right and any STF representative, in which any changes made to the rules of the race or the specific one of the test will be announced, will be held the day 05 August 2018 at 09.30 am in the gym hall of the school / sports area of ​​San Pietro al Natisone (UD).

Controlled training (qualifying heats)
To determine the starting grid of the race will be held a unique qualifying heat on a section of the race route chosen by the organization.
The competitors will start individually at a distance of 20 seconds from each other. At the end of the qualifying heats the journey times will be announced which will not compete with the determination of the final classification.

Race heats
The competitors, based on the result achieved in the qualifying round, will be divided into two batteries and arranged on a starting grid consisting of a maximum of 75 runners. The starting interval between one battery and the next will be about 30 minutes. The departure of the batteries will be collective (mass start).
The overall winner will be the one who will take the shortest time to walk the track.


The detection of travel times of both the qualification and the race will be entrusted to an external company. On the day of the event each competitor, together with the delivery of an identity document as a deposit, will receive an electronic chip suitable for the purpose.
The equipment will be returned at the end of the race. Everyone will be held responsible for the good custody of the apparatus entrusted to him. In case of loss or damage of the electronic chip the amount of € 60.00 must be paid.


Health care service consists of at least 1 doctor and 2 ambulances.
The Alpine and Speleological Rescue Service of Friuli (CNSAS) was alerted to the event.
The nearest emergency room is that of the Cividale del Friuli Civil Hospital.
The single number for emergencies is 112


In the event of an accident or accident, it is the duty of each competitor to provide assistance to the competitor in difficulty and possibly to warn the rescuers. The organization reserves the right to penalize or disqualify participants who do not comply with this rule, as well as incurring the possible criminal consequences of an omission of aid.

– The competitor who wants to leave the event must inform the organization as soon as possible through the staff on the track or by calling the number that will be provided at the briefing.

– The competitors are forbidden, under penalty of disqualification, to make changes to the route before or during the course of the event, be transported, be pushed or pulled by motor vehicles, cut (even involuntarily) parts of the track.

– If a competitor should leave the track, he / she must return to the same point and restore any torn tape. The organization reserves the right to modify the route without warning until the moment of the first departure and to arrange along the route of the checks in order to check for possible infringements.

– In the passages through the inhabited centers it is recommended to follow the route, do not disturb the public peace and control the speed in order to avoid accidents

– The route will be closed to traffic only during the course of the race. All competitors must maintain correct behavior, not dangerous for themselves and for others and respecting the environment in which the event takes place. In the eventual transfer stretches in places open to traffic, they are required to strictly comply with the Highway Code.


The medical check, carried out according to the current FCI / -UCI and Ministry of Health regulations, will be carried out at: the equipped room in the gym hall of the school / sports area of San Pietro al Natisone (UD).

13.       RANKING

The overall winner will be the one who will spend the least amount of time traveling the track, regardless of the battery he belongs to.
Example: Best competitor of the 1st battery totalizes 35 minutes. Best competitor of the 2nd battery totaled 34 minutes. The winner turns out to be the competitor of the 2nd battery.
All riders who cross the finish line after the winner will finish the race and will be classified according to the time taken, regardless of the battery they belong to.In case of arrival with the same final time the position will be equally divided.
The runner who abandons the race must immediately leave the course and has no right to cross the finish line.
He will be indicated on the order of arrival as “DNF” (Did Not Finish = did not finish the race).
At the end of the race a classification will be drowned out for each category provided for both the Federciclismo and SloEnduro regulations.

14.       COMPLAINTS

Complaints concerning the conduct of the tests – classifications – behavior of the other competitors and any other type of notification must be presented in writing to the Clerk of the Course and signed by the competitor / s no later than ½ hour from the complete exposure of the classification. The race director will communicate his decision within 60 minutes from the submission of the aforementioned complaint.
The organizing committee will meet on the spot to immediately settle the dispute before the award ceremony.
The organizing committee is composed of the Race Director and the route manager.


The protocol ceremony will take place at the end of the competition.


No responsibility, of any nature, for damages to persons or things deriving from accidents or wrongdoing carried out by the participants in the event, can in any way be carried out by the organization and those who collaborate with it. For anything not covered in this regulation, the Jury will apply the regulations of the UCI and the FCI and the laws of the Italian State.