We always have a lot of questions about taking part in the race without UCI licence, especially in 2015 season, when we announced 4Fun series and HOBI category. It is for fun, but still we have to protect everybody, so riding without a licence will be possible, but only in HOBI category and with a proper insurance for third-party liability.

For the rider who doesn’t have this kind of insurance (which UCI license should have) we prepared a solution in cooperation with Slovenian Cycling Federation. Rider can become a member of the federation and apply for “Lila” membership card which will cost 22,00eur for the whole 2015 season and cover third-party liability insurance.

You can order a membership card in advance by email (do not forget to send your photo) with filling up this form: membership KZS apply. And send it to email kzs@kolesarska-zveza.si

More informations (unfortunately only in slovenian language) are available on KZS web-site: KZS

This procedure is active only on the races in Slovenia. Races in Italy and Croatia has their own systems and it will be announced in the race propositions.