Sunday’s sixth event of SloEnduro 4Fun series in San Leonardo (Udine, Italy) by Team Granzon and Vallimpiadi run out luck on Saturday with some heavy rainfall on the track. The clay dirt did not dry during Sunday’s race and the conditions were not easy for riders from Italy, Austria and Slovenia even after cancellation of first special stage out of four.

After three special stages two riders from CMC Cycling Experience team ended up on top: Davide Dalpian in men’s race with a total of 15 minutes and 51 seconds and Olesia Ronzon in women’s race. They both also confirmed overall titles in the five-round Trineveto Enduro MTB series.

Dalpian was followed by Davide De Sabbata in second and Michele Dreossi (both Team Grazon) in third place 12 and 14 seconds behind respectively.

Nadine Ellecosta (Bike Team Gais ASV) was second in women’s race and Slovenian Tina Perše (Calcit Bike Team) in third.

Local riders Lorenzo Terlicher and Lucrezia Braida (both Team Grazon) were faster Under 19 juniors. Filippo Romano (Fassa Bike) won the Elite Master Sport class, Gianluca Piva (ASD Veloce Club Borgo) the Masters 1-2, Marco Dorigatti (Bike4Fun ASD) the Masters 3-4 and Claudio Remoto (Fun Bike-Cussigh Bike) the Masters 5-6 category.

U17 riders were fastest on the short course with just one run on each of the two tracks: Massimo De Sabbata (Team Grazon) won from Matteo Bertagnin (Switch Team) and Gregorio Zeno (ASD 360 MTB). Daniel Martini (ASD 360 MTB) won the U15 class on the same track.

Next 4Fun series event follows on July 21st, the inaugural Na Kope 4Fun in Bike park Kope.


Photos by Paolo Furlan