Enduro Kranjska Gora, the postponed 4Fun series race, now finally cancelled due to another wet weekend forecast.

Rok Dokl and his team were not lucky this year with the organization of Enduro Kranjska Gora, a 4Fun series event. First we agreed to move it from Sunday September 10th to the upcoming weekend, Saturday 16th, and now the event is cancelled.

On both occasions we decided so primarily due to weather forecast, because a 4Fun race needs to be fun and not sliding down the trail in wet clothes and cold weather. We will go through with a SloEnduro race under almost any conditions and a majority of riders will turn up. In the case of 4Fun races the weather reflects strongly on the number of participants. There are less than 20 riders registered three days before the event so we are not cancelling some big showdown and there will not be many people sad because they will not be able race.

Športna točka (the SkiRental and MTB Republic crew) and SloEnduro thank you for your understanding while Rok will invite everyone over on a nice October weekend for a ride and barbecue. Just follow our social posts to find out when.

So the 2017 4Fun series ends with five events. Find the final ranking here: men and women.