Montedoro Enduro 4Fun | March 13th 2016

Enduro 4Fun | 2016

Race name: Montedoro Enduro 4Fun

Race date: March 13th 2016

Location: Centro Commerciale Montedoro, via Flavia di Stramare | Muggia (Trieste) Italy


A.S.D. 360 MTB

Via Stazione di Prosecco, 13

Sgonico (TS) Italy

Tel. 0039 3479854965


More info: www.360mtb.org

DEPARTURE:  Centro Commerciale Montedoro, via Flavia di Stramare  Muggia,119  Trieste

Race program:

Sunday March 13th

8.00 – 11.00 Open race office
8.00 – 11.00 Free practice
11.30 Briefing
12.00  – 13.30 Race Start
13.00  – 14.30 Stage 1
13.45  – 15.15 Stage 2
14.30  – 16.00 Stage 3
15.00  – 16.30 Finish
17.00 Awards ceremony

Course description

There will be a course with 3 special stages 20km of lenght with 550meter of altitude gain.

Training will be possible in the morning before the races. Competition will be held in the afternoon.

Sunday, 13/3/2016:   The race will start at 12:00.


Starting order:

The first 100 numbers will be allocated according to the Italian Ranking Top Class and the National Ranking SloEnduro. Those following will be consecutive and the allocation will be based on the order of registration. The entry date is based on the number assigned. The organization will deliver to each competitor a personal time table on which are marked with transfer and stage start times to be respected. It is the responsibility of the competitor to check for any errors of their departure time including the time table.


Clothing and protection accessories:

You must wear a helmet during the whole course of the race, both in transfers and during the special stages. In Stage is compulsory to wear full-face helmet, long gloves, protection for the knees and back protector CE approved. You may use the helmet lighter type XCO during transfers.


Bike and equipment:

It is forbidden to replace the frame, fork, wheels, during the whole entire competition. The organization will provide during license checks to each competitor labels stickers, for the frame, the front fork and the wheels of the bike and it is up to each competitor to apply them to their bike. During the race the organization will check marks (punching) and the competitor will not have all the marks correctly positioned or not present at verification, will be disqualified.

Antidoping control

The anti-doping control will be carried out in accordance with the regulations of UCI , the FCI  and the Ministry of Health and will take place at Centro Commerciale Montedoro Freetime

Classification – Complaints

All riders crossing the finish line after the winner are considered having finished the race and they will be classified as their position on that moment.

The riders who will not finish the race must leave immediately the race course and they are forbidden to cross the finish line; on the final standing they will be marked with DNF (Did Not Finish) and they will not be given any point for the race.

it is possible to submit a written complaint against the facts of the competition within 30 ‘minutes from the publication of the standings with a payment of € 50.00 as a  guarantee

Results will be communicated on Excel Format to  FCI, in accordance with their existing regulations.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony will be held after the end of  race.

Medical support

Medical support is provided by 1 medic and 2 Ambulances.

The closest Hospital with A&E department is located in Ospedale di Cattinara

Authorization for micro camera usage

The Organizer, for broadcasting purposes, is allowed to select an available rider and let him wear a micro camera during the race. The name of the chosen rider will be communicated to the Commissaire Panel’s President, raising him from any responsibility.


No liability of any kind for damage to persons or property resulting from accidents or offenses committed by participants in the events, can in no way lead to head the organization and those who collaborate with the same. Although not covered in this regulation the Commissaire Panel will apply the UCI and FCI regulation in compliance with  the Law of the Italian State.



Text on this site is just a summary of the organisers rules. Official race proposition are available on the document:

Montedoro Enduro Rules ENG | ITA


The right to compete

Only riders with valid UCI or FCI licence are allowed to participate or rider with a valid daily FCI licence (possible to order at organisers email:  360mtb@gmail.com)

Licences with “Cycling for all” “Hobi” or similar will not be accepted by the organiser due to special Italian rules.

Please contact the organiser in order to arange your right to compete on the race.

Event description

A.S.D. 360 MTB will organize the first Montedoro Enduro 4Fun, regional event. It is is a new event which will be organised before the main season starts. It will serve as a good riding and training opportunity for the riders in nice area near the sea. Race will be held on area near Muggia, Trieste in Italy.

The race is part of the regional calendar in compliance with UCI/FCI rules and it will not assign FCI or UCI points. However, race is the part of SloEnduro 4Fun series and will bring points for 4Fun series.

Registration and starting fees:

Online registration is open on the site www.360mtb.org from Monday, February 15, 2016 from 8:00 am until Thursday, March 10, 2016 at 24:00 or until all places are taken (MAX. 300).

No registration at the day of the race.


Open men (Elite & U23)

Open women (Elite & Junior)

Junior Men

U17 Men

U15 Men

U17 Women (U17 + U15)

Elite + Junior Sport

Master 1+2

Master 3+4

Master 5+6

Master Women (Elite sport, Junior sport, Master 1 & 2)


Entry fees:

FREE ENTRY for U17 and U15 UCI category.

The athletes will have to register on the site  www.360mtb.org only.

Riders with UCI LICENCE: € 25.00

– Athletes UCI – will have to register on the site     www.360mtb.org     by 24.00 hours on Thursday, March 10 and will have to pay by:

- PayPal =             € 25.00 + € 2.00 = € 27.00

- Bank transfer = € 25.00 on C / C  BIC / SWIFT CCRTIT2TV00

IBAN IT16 V089 2802 2010 1000 0036 609


IMPORTANT notice. Since the race is 4Fun and in that way “local” race, in Italy there are some special rules:

FOR RIDERS from “OTHER” Countries than ITA, SLO, CRO and AUT (Styria and Carinthia): CAUTION!!! Foreign athletes with UCI licence can participate only of the neighboring countries of Slovenia,  Croatia, Styria and Carinthia that have subscribe cross-border agreements. For other countries can partecipate only 3 athletes for every category. Each of them, please write an email to 360mtb@gmail.com before proceeding with the registration, to check if there are free places.

Will not accept athletes with not competitive licence ( cycling for all, Hobi… ).


RIDERS without UCI licence:

Riders without UCI licence will be allowed to participate when they order a daily FCI licence.

Daily FCI licence costs 15,00eur

Daily FCI licence is possible to order when the rider brings filled statement: RIDER STATEMENT

Daily FCI licence is possible to order when the rider brings medical certificate signed by sport medicine doctor: MEDICAL CERTIFICATE


Please contact the organiser about details for ordering a daily FCI licences: 360mtb@gmail.com

ENTRY FEE for non-licenced rider: 40,00eur (includes FCI daily licence which is 15,00eur)


The no licence riders will have to register on the site  www.360mtb.org            by 24.00 hours of Thursday, March 10, 2016 and make payment (in the fee includes the cost of € 15.00 for FCI daily licence) by:

- PayPal = € 40.00 + € 2.00 = € 42.00

- Bank Transfer = € 40.00   on    C/C BIC / SWIFT CCRTIT2TV00

IBAN IT16 V089 2802 2010 1000 0036 609


*on the day of the event will have to fill the day license upon presentation of a medical certificate cycling discipline mentioned above.

Entries  must be received  by online registration until 10/03/2016 at 24:00 through a “Fattore K” registration ID code 113711 for Regional race. Afterwards riders have to complete the registration on the organizer’s website 360mtb.org

The organizer agrees to promptly notify the non-acceptance of enrollment. The formula of silent consent will be considered valid.

Registration limit:

Registrations are accepted up to the maximum number of 300 participants.

In case of cancellation of registered athletes, the inscriptions are reopened if the organization deems it necessary.


Participation fee:

The fee includes organisation of the event, course marking, race package, timing service, bike wash, Team area…


Licence control and distributions of numbers:

Centro Commerciale Montedoro, via Flavia di Stramare,119   Muggia – Trieste

Sunday,    13/03/2016  from   08:00 to 11:00

The numbers have to be taken by the head of the team or personally, showing the Federal licence FCI / UCI and the receipt of payment. Photocopies are not permitted, or other types of documents.