Merjasec Enduro 4Fun | 14. maj 2016

Basic Information

The organizer, the NLP Sports Association is announcing organization of an enduro mountain bike competition, the Wild Boar Enduro Ruše in the SloEnduro4Fun series.

Name of the competition: Wild Boar Enduro Ruše

Date of race: 14 May 2016

Race location: Areh – Ruše

Organizer: NLP Sports Association, Trg vstaje 4, 2342 Ruše

Contact persons:

Renato Kolmanko (+386 41 644 932) NLP Sports Association

Luka Rakuša (+386 41 819 102)         Luka’s Bikes

Simon Potrč (+386 31 391 770)         MTB Ruše

E-mail of the organizer: info@nlp-sport.si

Website of the organizer: www.nlp-sport.si


SloEnduro coordinator:

Jaka Tancik (+386 40 428 675)

SloEnduro website: www.sloenduro.com

Competition Schedule

 9.00 – 10.00: Registration and collection of starting numbers at the Ruše Sports Park (A)

10.00: Training shuttle from Ruše (A) to Glažuta (G). Organiser will offer a training shuttle for 5eur per rider, but riders can use their own                    transfer as well if they want.

10.30 – 12.00: Climb from (G) to Areh (B) and open training to the finish (E)

12.30: Shuttle from Ruše to Glažuta (G) (shuttle included in the starting fee)

13.00: Start of stage 1

14.45: Start of stage 2

15.30: Start of stage 3

16.30: Arrival of the last competitor in to finish area

17.00: Award ceremony at the Ruše Sports Park (A)

18.00: Pump&Race competition at the Ruše Sports Park (A)

20:00: Concert by Trash Candy at the Ruše Sports Park (A)

Race and course description

Wild boar Enduro Ruše will be held on the trails from Areh to Ruše. Competition will be held on two different trails, while there will be three stages in the schedule as one stage will be ridden two times. Riders will have to finish all three stages. At the end the final result will be the the summ of all three stage times. Stages will be held as follows…   Organiser will provide a shuttle from Ruše (A on the map) to Glažuta (G) 210m of altitude below Areh. From that point riders will have to pedal 180m higher to reach the start of the first stage. After first stage riders will have to pedal back to the top 280m higher to ride the second stage on the same trail. So the first trail from Areh will be repeated two times in a row. After finish of the second stage there will be pedaled transfer with 180m of altitude towards the start of the third stage wich will be the last as well. After last stage, riders will ride down on the trails with no timing to reach the zero point in Ruše, where closing of the race and award ceremony will be held.

In total race will be held on the course with 640m of altitude climbing divided to three transfers. Timed stages will be held on the trails with total of about 800m of vertical drop.

Rider with best time from all three stages will be the winner of the race.


Transer1: shuttle + 180m pedaled transfer

Stage1: 267m vertical drop

Transfer2: 280m vertical drop

Stage2: 267m vertical drop

Transfer3: 180m vertical drop

Stage3: 269m vertical drop

Non-timed descent to the zero point: cca. 600m vertical drop

Application and Starting Fee

Race application possible at www.prijavim.se

Starting fee upon early application (up to and including 10 May 2016): 20 €.

Applications after 10 May 2016 require a 25 € starting fee.

Early application fees are to be transferred on the bank account TRR 90672 0000404066 PBS before 10 May.

If you are paying for others, write their name in the purpose box.


Non-licensed riders

Unlicensed competitors are only able to race upon submitting an annual membership card of the Slovenian Cycling Federation (SCF) and they race in the hobby category.

The SCF membership card (covers liability insurance against third parties – purple card). It will also be possible to obtain this card at the registration desk at current prices set by the SCF. The minimum requirement is possession of a White card, which costs EUR 10.00.

The membership card (10,00eur) is than valid for the whole season for all races in Slovenia



Combined category (Absolute)

JUNIORS (1998 and younger)

MEMBERS (1996 up to and including 1986)

MASTER 1 (1985 up to and including 1976)

MASTER 2 (1975 and older)


HOBBY (absolute)

General provisions

  • Racing is to take place in accordance with SCF and UCI rules, as well as with internal SloEnduro rules, sloenduro4fun.
  • Participants compete at their own risk.
  • The prize fund is in accordance with SloEnduro rules.
  • The results will be published at the event location 30 minutes after the end of the competition and at www.sloenduro.com.
  • The head judge: delegated by the Slovenian judge association.
  • The SloEnduro delegate: makes sure everything is in accordance with internal SloEnduro rules and agreements (numbers, sponsors, starting positions, etc.).
  • On the day of the race, the registration desk will be located at the start-finish area. The start and all stages will be properly marked. All road traffic regulations will have to be respected.
  • By paying the starting fee, a competitor confirms that he or she agrees with the conditions of this announcement and that he or she is competing at their own risk (minors require their parents or someone of legal age to sign the entry form).
  • Racing takes place according to The UCI rules and provisions in the SCF rulebook for Enduro 2016.
  • Team leaders will meet before commencing competition, as stated in the schedule and at the place of registration.
  • Competitors must not forget to collect chips before starting.
  • Riding and warming up on the track during the competition is forbidden and will be sanctioned.
  • Use of a protective helmet in accordance with the SCF rulebook for Enduro is mandatory (integral in the stages and at least a classic cycling helmet during transfers).
  • Complaints will be handled by the competition committee in accordance with the competition rulebook and they should be handed to the head judge in no later than 10 minutes after announcing the results with a 20 € fee.
  • Medical service is to be provided.
  • An electronic system for measuring time will be used. Competitors must return the chips or cards and if they fail to do so, the organizer will charge them for the costs of producing a new one, which amount to 40 €.
  • The organizer withholds the right to modify this announcement and undertakes to inform competitors about any such changes.
  • The organizer is not responsible for any harm, which a competitor inflicts on him or herself, on fellow competitors or on third parties.
  • The track will be marked at least one day before the competition and ready for inspection.
  • The organizer withholds the right to modify the track route, length and number of stages in the event of poor weather conditions or other unexpected situations and undertakes to inform competitors about any such changes.

Race course map

Enduro Merjasec 2016 race map