Matadown 4Fun| August 7th 2016

Enduro 4Fun | 2016

Race name: Matadown

Race date: August 7th 2016

Location: Vernasso, Italy


Associazione “Vallimpiadi”, Via Kennedy 1, 33040 Savogna, ITA

Contact person:

Luca Bosco 0039 328 4137170



07:30 – 08:45 Registration of contestants, licenses or medic certificates check, numbers pickup

09:45 Briefing

10:00 – 11:00 Qualification manche

11:00 – 13:30 Transfer to Mt. Matajur (mainly by bus)

14:00 – 15:30 Start 1st battery

14:15 – 15:45 Start 2nd battery

16:15 End of the contest

17:00 Award ceremony

Course description

Race course will be held from the top of Matajur mountain with 12,5km of lenght and aprox. 1500m of vertical drop. You can find exact infromation about the track on this link: http://www.vallimpiadi.it/index.php/matadown-2016/

Race system

You will find the method of conduct on the event website using the following link: http://www.vallimpiadi.it/index.php/matadown-2016/ It will contain the race route (map and GPX file), in order to allow race participants a review of the track prior to race day.  A review of the course is not required but should a participant decide to conduct a reconnaissance it should be conducted in complete autonomy and in absolute respect to the environment, the mountain, the trails and local towns. No liability of any kind, for any damage to persons from accidents or offenses committed during such activities, can in any way to held accountable to the race organizers. SUNDAY 07 AGOSTO The numbers will be assigned in order of registration. Briefing At the cconclusion of entries and before commenciting the race a briefing will be conducted in both Italian and English.  This is to give information to the competitors on the conduct of the event and any last minute changes. Every competitor is encouraged to attend. Qualifying heats To determine the races starting grid a single round of qualifying heats is conducted on a stretch of the race course chosen by the organizers. The competitors start individually and at a distance, or spacing, of 20 seconds from each other. At the end of the qualifying round the results are announced with travel times that will not concur to determine the final standings. Race The competitors, according to the results achieved in the qualifying round will be divided into batteries and arranged on a grid consisting of a maximum of 75 racers.  The departure interval between a battery and the other will be approximately 15 minutes. The departure of the batteries will be collective (mass start). The overall winner will be the one who will take the least time to race the track.


Matadown 2015

Event description

The 4th edition of MATADOWN: An adrenalinic and spectacular event among the wonderful Valleys of Natisone river. Event typified by a spectacular mass start and  12.5Km of single track / 1500mt of altitude amidst meadows, woods and breathtaking views. “MATA” is not a simple downhill race, is the quintessence of the pioneer spirit enduro, understood in its first meaning of endurance / resistance. It starts with a rocky section of considerable difficulty that only the most skilled are able to go riding on their bikes, then as often happens in this kind of specialties, the path becomes particularly wide for overtaking, hence the ability to choose lines and manage the speed becomes critical. The main section runs in single tracks through the woods, where the race continues, alternating fast to challenging descents and burning raises uphill to the surprise of an unprecedented ending.

Basic rules

EQUIPMENT: It is mandatory, during the qualifying heats and the race, the use of helmets with conected chin guard, specific to the practice ENDURO DH and 4X. The helmet must be equipped with visor / peak. And is forbidden the use a helmet that exposes the chin. During any transfer it is authorized to use a lighter helmet, type XCO. It is also mandatory that all particpants wear the appropriate personal protective equipment such as knees and back guards with appropriate certifications. The use of any other type of personal protection (elbow pads, long gloves, neck brace …) is highly recommended. The competitor must be self-sufficient for any mechanical problems. It is advisable to have with him at all times a phone, in the event contact with the rider or organizers must be established or in the event of an emergency.  All emergency numbers will be announced during the briefing period.

BIKE: All types of mountain bikes are allowed to be used on the course, however full suspension bikes are best suited for the conditions and are most efficient. The organization staff reserves the right to exclude from the competition any contestant(s) attempting to participate using a mountain bike that jeopardizes the safety of the owner and/or other participants. Mud covers are prohibited in order to prevent damaging the track.

TIMING OF SERVICES: The recodring of race and travel tomes  of both the qualifying and the race is entrusted to an outside company. The day of the event each competitor, together with the delivery of identification as a security deposit, will receive an electronic chip fit for purpose. The equipment will be returned after the race. Each will be responsible for the good apparatus enclosure is entrusted to him. In case of loss or damage to the electronic chip the figure of € 60.00 must be paid.

HEALTH CARE: The health care service consists of one doctor and two ambulances. The nearest emergency room is to Cividale del Friuli Civil Hospital.

FAIRPLAY AND PENALTY: In case of accident or injury, it is the duty of each competitor to provide relief to the competitor in difficulty and eventually feel relief. The organization reserves the right to penalize or disqualify participants who do not respect this rule, in addition to incurring the possible legal consequences of failure to rescue. – The competitor who will leave the event must inform the withdrawal as soon as possible to the organization by the staff on the track or by calling the number which will be provided at the briefing. – Competitors are prohibited, on pain of disqualification, make changes to the route before or during the course of the event, to get carried away, be push or pull from motor vehicles, cut (even unintentionally) parts of the track. – If a competitor were to get out of the path, they must re-enter the same point and to restore any torn webbing. The organization reserves the right to amend without notice the way up to the time of the first departure and to place along the path of the controls in order to verify any infringements. – In the passages through the towns it is recommended to follow the track, do not disturb the public peace, and slow down the speed in order to avoid accidents – The course will be closed to traffic only during the course of the race. All competitors must maintain good behavior, not dangerous for themselves and for others and respect for the environment in which the event takes place. In any transfer traits in places open to traffic, they are required to strictly abide by the Codice delle Strada.

CLASSIFICATION: The overall winner will be the one who will take the least time to travel the route, regardless of the battery of belonging. Example: the winner of the 1st Battery totals 35 minutes. The winner of the 2nd Battery totals 34 minutes. The winner is the rider of the 2nd battery. All riders who cross the finish line after the winner will have finished the race and will be ranked according to the time taken, regardless of the battery of belonging. If you arrive with the same final time the position will be equally divided.The riders who will not finish the race must leave immediately the race course and they are forbidden to cross the finish line; on the final standing they will be marked with DNF (Did Not Finish). At the end of the race it will be a classification for each category provided for in Article 4

COMPLAINTS: Complaints regarding the progress of the stages, ranking, behavior of the other riders and any other sort of report must be presented in writing to the Judges and Race Direction and signed by the racer/s within half hour from the announcement of the ranking. The Judges will announce its decision within 60 minutes of receiving the complaint. The Judges will convene to immediately settle the controversy before the award ceremony.

SLOENDURO SCORES: The scores awarded for ranking 4Fun Series will be awarded only for the absolute categories male and female. For details of the scores please refer to Article 15 of Regulation Sloenduro.

AWARD CEREMONY: The award ceremony will be held after the end of  race.

RESPONSABILITY: No liability of any kind for damage to persons or property resulting from accidents or offenses committed by participants in the events, can in no way lead to head the organization and those who collaborate with the same. Although not covered in this regulation the Commissaire Panel will apply in compliance with  the Law of the Italian State.

COMUNICATION: All communications and any changes concerning the race will be published on the sitehttp://www.vallimpiadi.it/index.php/matadown-2016/.


Race entry is open with the form available atVallimpiadi website

Online registration will close on Wednesday 03 august at 23.59

No on site registration the day of the race.

The MATADOWN race is open to a maximum of 150 participants. Race registration must be accomplished by filling out the race subscription through the following link: http://www.vallimpiadi.it/index.php/matadown-2016/ Registration and payment must be received no later than Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 23:59. To following documents must accompany the race submission: –          FCI / UCI or other bike entities for the current racing season; or –          medical certificate to be sent simultaneously during race subscription to the following email:lucabosco@libero.it. On race day an original copy must be available for presentation to the race organizors. All participants will be provided with health insurance. Those participants that are unable to provide an original copy of their UCI/FCI card and/or medical certificate will not be allowed to compete. Official registrations is valid only AFTER receiving full payment. Registration by the participant results in an automatic acceptance and compliance to the race Regulations.


Entry fee

EURO 29.00 UCI licensed riders

EURO 36.00 hobi riders (29.00 + 7.00 of daily insurance)

Registration fee for the race is € 29.00 (+ 7,00 € for daily insurance) and includes: – Mechanized ski transportation until Pelizzo refuge on the day of the event; – Daily insurance card (for one day August 7, 2016). Payment must be made to the following bank details: Transfer to IBAN IT64W0863164230000100855788 Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Manzano filiale di San Pietro al Natisone subsidiary payable to Association Vallimpiadi IBAN BIC:RUAMIT21SPN SWIFT: RUAMIT22 Or payable via PayPal to info@vallimpiadi.it, Partita Iva Associazione Vallimpiadi 02732070301 c.f. 94127880303 For redundancy please also send an email to the following address with confirmation of payment:  lucabosco@libero.it Registration is valid only if the payment has been fully processed and recieved.  This will be confirmed by a summary email that will indicated payment received. Payment fee for registration is non-refundable. To further guarantee and secure your registration have a copy of your fully paid registration avaialable durting initial registration and license verification.



The atheltic categories competing in this 2016 edition are according to the following SloEnduro Regulatiuons:


MENS (1997-1987)

MASTER 1 (1986-1977)

MASTER 2 (<1976)

WOMEN (only)