24.-26.7. | Black Hole Enduro

Basic informations

Race date: July 24th – 26th 2015

Organizer: Športno društvo MTB Koroška

Race venue: Ravne na Koroškem (prologue – Friday), MTB Park Jamnica and Peca Flow trail (Saturday), Mežica (Sunday – mine)

Discipline: Enduro




Anej – 040833738
Kalči – 070929950
Jani – 031212282

Race schedule

Friday | Ravne na Koroškem:

17.00 – 19.00 Entries open

17.00 – 19.00 Practice on prologue course*

19.00 Prologue start (first rider)


8.00 Entries open (Eko Hotel Koroš | Jamnica)

9.00 Start first rider (Eko Hotel Koroš | Jamnica)

Stages to follow:

1st stage: “Drevored” | Singletrail park Jamnica

2nd stage: “Flow country” | Peca

3rd stage: “Maxxis SuperStage” | Singletrail park Jamnica

4th stage: “Secret stage” | Singletrail park Jamnica


10.00 Transfer start to 5th stage

11.30 5th stage start: “Štenge”

Last stage will follow in Mežica for 20-30 fastest riders: “Peca underground”**

*Time of prologue will be calculated in overall result. All riders who will not participate in prologue, will get the time of the middle-ranked rider of all riders on the start. All riders ranked in the second half on the prologue will get the time of the middle-ranked rider. Rule is aplied to help the rider who can not participate on Friday’s prologue, so they can still come to race on Saturday.

**ATTENTION: For riding last stage in the old mine you need to use a good bike-light (with 1000lumens+). Back protector is also mandatory to use on this stage. Rest of the equipment according to SloEnduro rules. Elbow protectors are highly suggested. 

Course description

Friday 24.7.2015
Prologue is an urban adventure with start in Čečovje and descent on city stars with few corners. Stairs are wide and not too steep. After coming on the bottom the track leads the riders on the flat road with some obstacles to the finish. Times in previous season were around 1minute.

Saturday . 25.7.2015
Race starts with first stage in Singletrail park Jamnica. After first stage riders will be brought to Petzen with an organised shuttle. Transfer to the top will be made with cable car and from there we have the longest trail of the season to ride, Flow country trail with some small change in the middle. After that, riders will pedal back to Jamnica. MAXXIS SuperStage will be a third stage called “Mlinarska” in Jamnica trail park. Last stage of the day will be a “blind” stage. While riders will be racing on Petzen, organizers will prepare this last stage, so nobody knows it.

Sunday: 26.7.2015
Long stage followed by an underground stage in Peca underworld. 

*On Peca Flow trail organizers will use a gates with flags to determine a course to keep the riders on the main trail with no shortcuts. Riders have to stay inbetween the gates. Rider who misses a gate, has to go back and ride trough the gate properly or gets disqualified (it is really not hard to follow the trail!). Organizers are asking riders to keep on the trail and not to ride over the vegetation. 

Training on the course

Stages will be published on Monday or Tuesday before the race. Shuttle in Jamnica trail park is allowed only to Eko Hotel Koroš. Cars from Eko Hotel to the top are not allowed!

Race description

Enduro is coming back to Carinthia. Within Black Hole Bike Fest and SloEnduro series, Black Hole Enduro race will be held on last weekend of the festival. The course will take riders, beside old known trails, to some new locations. Friday’s prologue in center of Ravne na Koroškem will stay the same with some minor changes. On Saturday everything moves to “Dixi’s” Eko Hotel Koroš in Jamnica, but this year, the course will bring the riders all the way to Petzen and back. On Sunday riders will have to ride another long stage in the morning. Some of the best riders will get to ride underground stage to end this amazing weekend.

As already said, Friday is reserved for race openning with prologue in Ravne na Koroškem. On Saturday riders will start in front of Eko Hotel Koroš (Dixi’s place) in SingleTrail Park Jamnica. After first stage organised shuttle will bring them to Austria for the second stage on Petzen Flow Country trail. They will get to the top with a cable car, so no hard climbing till then. Anyway, riders will have to get back “home” on their pedals, which will be the longest transfer, but not too hard. After coming back to Jamnica, another two stages will be raced there. Third stage will be “Mlinarska” from top to the bottom of the park and it will also be a MAXXIS SuperStage, rewarding fastest riders with some fancy pair of racing tires. Last stage of the day will be a “blind” stage. While riders will be racing on Petzen, organizers will prepare this last stage, so nobody knows it. After four stages we will end the day, but not entire racing. On Sunday there is a new day and still some racing to do. Transfer will bring them 600m higher for second longest stage of the weekend. For some riders this won’t be the last stage. Organizer will take some of the fastest riders (aprox. 20-30 riders) to a special underground stage in old mine. 3000m away from sunlight, they will get to race a trail with almost 100m of vertical drop.

Race entries

Entries are open on website prijavim.se till wednesday July 22nd 2015.

Entry fee payment and license check before race-number pick up on Friday before prologue or Saturday morning at Eko Hotel Koroš.

Race fee for entries till July 22nd: 30,00 €

Late entries after July 22nd and on the race day: 35,00 €

+Aditional 5,00eur per rider will be charged for Air+ chip rental.*

**Organisers wants to make a riders experience as best as possible, so they decided to use this new chips. New chips are more accurate (hundreds of a second), you don’t need to touch the timing station with it (it punches on 1,5m on start and 3m in finish) and it brings a lot of possibilities for upgrading in the future, such as live timing etc…

**Riders without UCI licence can compete only in HOBI category, but they have to apply for a Slovenian Cycling Federation membership (which covers third-party liability insurance). Riders can apply for “Lila” membership card in cost of 22,00eur, which is valid for the whole season. More about this: Licences and insurance 2015.   You can apply for membership on a race-day.


General category (all together)

Juniors (1997 and younger)

Men (1996 up to and including 1986)

MASTER 1 (1985 up to and including 1976)

MASTER 2 (1975 and older)


HOBI (all ages)



  • Monobike: on Enduro Koroška there will be a race with monobikes organised. Rules are the same as for the other riders, except tranfers. Monobikers can use a shuttle to get to top of the stages. Monobikes will start right after the last “classic” rider.
  • Competition will run under rules of UCI, rules KZS (Slovenian Cycling Federation) for Enduro and SloEnduro rules.
  • Competitors are taking part of the race on their own risk
  • Prize fund is under the rules of SloEnduro
  • Results of the race will be published on the race venue, 30min after finish and later on website www.sloenduro.com
  • Chief Referee: delegated by the commissaires organizations Slovenia
  • Delegate of SloEnduro is taking care for everything to be in accordance to the rules and arrangment inside of SloEnduro (numbers, sponsors, starting positions etc…)
  • On race day race office will be located on start-finish area. Arrival to the venue will be marked, as well as transfers to the start of the stages.
  • On transfers riders will need to observe all road traffic regulations.
  • With entry fee payment and starting number pick-up every rider confirms to agree with all conditions of this propositions and is riding on his own risk. Young riders needs an adult person to take a responsibility for him which should be made by his parents or and adult person who signs an entry form.
  • Team managers meeting will be held before the start of the race, like it is sheduled on the event programme. Meeting will be held at the race office.
  • Riders have to take care to pick up the timing chips before the start.
  • Riding and warming-up on the race course in the time of the event is prohibited and will be sanctioned.
  • Protecting gear is mandatory like the rules of KZS for enduro sais (Full-face helmet on the stages, XC helmet is allowed on transfers. Kneepads, full-finger glowes are mandatory on the stages).
  • Complaint will be accepted by racing commision in accordance with the rules. It will be accepted by cheif referee up to 10 minutes after results release. Complaint caution to be paid 20,00eur
  • Medical team will be present on the race venue.
  • Race will be run with the use of electronic timing. Riders are obliged to return chip, otherwise organiser will charge a costs for a lost chip, which is 50,00eur
  • Organiser reserves the right to change this propositions, which will be announced soon enough.
  • Organiser is not responsible for the consequences, which riders cause to their self, other riders or third party.
  • Race course will be marked at least one day before the start and ready for inspection.
  • Organiser reservers the right to change the course, stage number or stage lenght due to unexpected situation such as bad weather and similar. Organiser will announce any changes soon enough.
  • There will be marshal positioned beside the course
  • Any riding outside the marked trail is not allowed and will be sanctioned!
  • Shuttling is prohibited before and on the race, and will be sanctioned!


Arhiv: Black Hole Enduro 2014;  Razpis 2014

2014 Race Videos