It’s been a long wait for this one: this Sunday, March 17, it’s time for Gorizia Enduro or GO Enduro 4Fun, the first race in the SloEnduro family in 2019.

It is the first of no less than nine SloEnduro 4Fun events this year. And being the first chance to test the bodies and bikes at race speed, it is about to attract a pretty special field of riders.

With almost two days left for registration there are over 110 riders from six countries registered: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia.

Riders will take off from Mossa / Moša, a small town just 10 minutes drive West of Gorizia / Gorica in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy, right on the border with Slovenia. The hills above Mossa are mellow and the trails are full of flow with hardly any rocks and roots. The dirt provides excellent grip… except when wet. The conditions can get pretty sketchy in some sections then. There will be a little rain this week but it should not bee much and the trails have been super dry for a long time now.

It will be a 25km ride with some 800m of elevation and five special stages on four different trails, all starting from the same top. Quite a big little race in the 4Fun series!

Well worth visiting as rider or spectator! See you in Mossa.

Go Enduro 4Fun 2019 propositions and registration