Super successful first SloEnduro 4Fun race in Ljubljana’s Golovec. Downhillers Špela Horvat and Kristjan Vreček win but nobody catches local Jure Žabjek. Record turnout in women’s field.

Despite a bad weather forecast round three of SloEnduro 4Fun series turned out great. No less than 127 riders competed on Golovec Trails in Ljubljana. Organizers were happy to welcome 19 female riders on the wet and slippery course, a record in SloEnduro history. There were also close to 30 junior men and riders in 50+ category.

For many it was their first enduro racing experience or even first cycling competition.

Apart from Slovenians guest from five European countries joined the party.

The organizers from Golovec Trails team put on side events and promoted the event well so no wonder there were many fans at the side of the trails and in the finish and expo area.

Two names from downhill races ended up on top. After three special stages and some 400m elevation Kristjan Vreček (Supersnurf) won men’s race and Špela Horvat (BeFly World Team) won women’s race.

Richard Maasarani finished second and Miha Jakopič (Rajd Ljubljana) third in men’s field while two Austrians occupied the remaining steps of women’s podium, Ruth Kalthaus in second and Michaela Thaler Brulz in third place.

Three riders from Rajd Ljubljana team took over men’s junior podium: Enej Podlipnik in front of Rok Svete and Rene Ciuha Mrak. Older riders were split in five year age categories and these are the category winners: Valentin Šmon in 18-24, Vreček in 25-29, Jakopič in 30-34, Matej Prelogar in 35-39, Primož Nakrst in 40-44, Uroš Ogris (MTB klub Kranj) in 45-49 and Tomaž Cimprič in 50 and older.

All the participants were also trying to beat the times of Jure Žabjek, host and Slovenian DH Champ who was “sweeping” after each special stage. But in spite of his recent wrist injury Jure remained unrivaled.

Next 4Fun series race is close. It will be the first Poseka FunEnduro on May 26th in Ravne na Koroškem.

Overall results

Category results

Stage results

Photos by Ma_Tej, Jure Žabjek in cover photo