4fun Krokar enduro race is successfully behind us. New location from SloEnduro map has proven itself, and more than 100 competitors from 4 different countries showed us it was going to be an interesting event. Trail was slippery and wet due to the heavy rain the day before, but has dried up through the race, and the sun was shining just until a bit before finish, when it started to rain again. Since there was only one trail, opened 4 hours to race it, the competitors had to develop a good strategy to get the fastest 4 rides written down in the results.

Peter Mlinar and Tanja Žakelj were the fastest

The fastest man in absolute category with 89 ranked riders was Peter Mlinar (KK Črn Trn). With his time in the very first run he threw a bone to other riders. His closest oponent was Robi Kordež (Black Hole Enduro Team), who was only 13 seconds behind him. Third place was divided between Kristijan Medvešček and Jaka Tancik (Energijateam.com). In top 5 also finished young Jan Štucin (Pedal Racing Team).

Womens category race was won by Tanja Žakelj (Unior Tools Team), more known as a very successful cross country racer, who likes to brighten up her trainings also with enduro bike, and we certainly will see her at the enduro startline again. Second place was taken by Urška Kovče (Energijateam.com), while third spot went to new face on the scene Jasmina Ribič (MTB Trgovlje Specialized).

Other winners of Krokar

Beside the fastest riders in absolute category, the winner in Junior category was Grega Žvan (MBK SPORTR.SI) in front of rookie Matej Grnjak (Black Hole Enduro Team). Fastest rider in Man category was overall winner Peter Mlinar (KK Črn Trn). Second was Jan Štucin (Pedal Racing Team) and third Urban Ferenčak (Rajd Trek/Unior Tools Team). The fastest Master 1 was Robi Kordež (Black Hole Enduro Team) in front of Jaka Tancik (Energijateam.com) and Marko Jager (MTB Trbovlje Specialized). Primož Štrancar (Orbea Enduro Crew) won Master 2, second was Pevec Drago (ŠKD Pank Kura) and third Andrej Stroj (BK Opušteno). In new category Hobi the fastest was Kristijan Medvešček, while Luka Mlakar finished second, and third place was divided between Helmuth Hoeller and Daniel Apreutesei. As we already mentioned in women’s category top spot was won by Tanja Žakelj (unior Tools Team) in front of Urška Kovče (Energijateam.com) and Jasmina Ribič (MTB Trbovlje Specialized).

Results of the race: Enduro Krokar

SloEnduro series will be continued with Enduro Cerkno from 16. – 17. of May, which will be held in ski resort Cerkno. This race will also count as a national championship.

Foto: Julija Kavčič