This weekend in the medieval town on a hill above the Mirna river on Istria peninsula, Croatia: Round five wraps up the season and trophies will be handed out.

Enduro Grozni by BBK Grožnjan has been a part of SloEnduro from the first year, 2013. It has always been the final race, expect in 2017 when it opened the season, and in 2021 when it was cancelled for the first time due to the pandemics.

This year the host have prepared some new sections on the know special stages. The exact course will be published on Friday.

Breaking the »SloEnduro Gala« tradition

For the first time we will hold the overall ceremonies on site instead at a special off-season event. Which does not mean that we can’t gather, hang out and ride bikes together during the off-season.

Top of the rankings

Miha Smrdel (MBK Črni Vrh) is safe on top of the overall ranking. He can show up in Grožnjan just for the parade and will become the 2021 SloEnduro champion.

David Ivartnik ( will be defending the second place from Jan Markič (ŠKTD Avče) who sits in third 155 points down. The fourth placed Vid Peršak (Orbea Fox Enduro Team) will not be racing in Grožnjan, he is at the EWS final in Scotland. Nejc Huth ( could make a run for the podium from his current fifth place.

Ivartnik is the men’s elite leader but with a smaller advantage of just 60 points over Markič, Jan Štucin (Pedal racing team) is third.

In women’s category Urška Korasa (KD Zverinice) could attack the leader Gaia Kravanja (KK Črn trn), there is a gap of 150 points between the two. But there should be some riders between them.

Smrdel has an even bigger advantage in men’s junior category where he took all the available points. If Valentin Frey (Im.Puls Sport Union Klagenfurt) doesn’t head for the Austrian National Championships at Wexl Trails (which has been moved to this weekend), he will be defending the second place, otherwise Jernej Kavčič (Sloga 1902 Idrija) will have an easy job taking it from him.

Find the category rankings here and the overall ranking here.

If anyone would like to calculate all the scenarios: the winner gets 400 points, 2nd placed 300, 3rd placed 250, 4th placed 200, 5th 190, then 10 points down for each position until 11th. Rules, article 15.

Saturday: Riding outside of special stages

Like all season long, the special stages will only be open for walk inspection on Saturday. The trails in Grisium Bike Park – Lost Sheep trails will be open for riding.

The registration remains open all Thursday.


Propositions and registration


Photos by Anže Petkovšek, Enduro Grozni 2019


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