Enduro Cerkno | May 27th/28th 2017


SloEnduro Cerkno | May 27th-28th | Cerkno (SLO)

Basic informations

Organiser: Športno društvo Pedal, Cerkno (SLO)

Race date: May 27th/28th  2017

Race venue: Cerkno (SLO)

Head of the race: Andrej Kovačič

Race office chief: Aleš Makuc

Course chief: Martin Rupnik, Tadej Razpet

Organisation contact:

mailicongreen andrejkovacic0@gmail.com | head of the race | Andrej Kovačič | +386 31 802 097

mailicongreen kucipedal@gmail.com | race office | Aleš Makuc | +386 31 851 539

mailicongreen course chief | Martin Rupnik | +386 40 798 365

mailicongreen course chief | Tadej Razpet | +386 40 200 858

webicongreen http://sdpedal.wordpress.com/

fbiconwhite https://www.facebook.com/events/394416000913702/

Timing crew

mailicongreen kucipedal@gmail.com  | Aleš Makuc | +38631851539

Race description

Fourth edition of Enduro Cerkno will be held during the last weekend in May. Race will start on Saturday May 27th with the city prologue in Cerkno and continues with the main race on Sunday May 28th held at Cerkno Ski Resort. Enduro Cerkno 2017 will also be an EWS qualification race, which means we can expect even more fast riders on the start.

Race format

Two day race with the prologue on day1 and main race on day2, with prologue not being mandatory.

Rider not present at the prologue will get the time of the last rider + 10seconds-

On Sunday a classic enduro format race will be held with 5 stages at SC Cerkno.

Starting orders

Štartni redi tekmovanja bodo pripravljeni po pravilih SloEnduro, tekmovalci pa bodo vozili v obratnem vrstnem redu, torej najnižje uvrščeni z lestvice (najvišja številka) štarta prvi, sledijo pa vsi po vrstnem redu do številke 1. Številka ena tako štarta zadnja.

Prolog se prav tako vozi  v obratnem vrstnem redu, torej številka 1 starta kot zadnji.

Race programme


  • 15:00 till 17.00 Race office open (Cerkno town – prologue finish)
  • 17:30 Prologue start
  • 18:00 Start of the first rider
  • 20:00 Award ceremony
  • Party


  • 8:00 do 9:00 Race office open (SC Cerkno)
  • 10:00 1st stage start
  • 11:00 2nd stage start
  • 11:40 3rd stage start
  • 13:00 4th stage start
  • 14:00 5th stage start
  • 15:30  Award ceremony

Race course description

Race will be held on three different trail beside the prologue course. Two of this trails will be partly repeated, so at the end we will have 5 stages. Trails are mostly held in the woods, mostly natural. All trails are located in the SC Cerkno and surroundings. Difficulty of the stages is medium, more or less steep and for that reason fast.

Start and finish of the stages will be at the top of “Črni Vrh”, more or less know as the top of SC Cerkno. Wooden chalet “Alpska Perla” will be the base of the race.

Transfers are mostly held on asphalt road where the riders will have to obtain traffic rules. Partly the transfers will be combined with the help of the chairlift.

Exact race course will be published on Thursday, May 25th 2017.


Kenda SuperStage will be organised on the Enduro Cerkno. Organisers will decide which stage is the most special one which will be remembered by riders the most. That stage will be chosen to wear a title “Kenda SuperStage”. Fastest rider on that stage will be awarded by Kenda.

Which stage is it, will be announced together with the course details.



Protection gear

Safety gear is mandatory according to SloEnduro rules. On stages there is mandatory to use:  full-face helmet, knee protectors and full-finger gloves. Back protector and elbow protectors are highly advised as well.

On transfer riders can ride with normal XC helmet. All protection must be well fitted during the stages, while on transfers riders are not obligated to use it, except for the helmet.

Training on the course

Training of the prologue will be possible on the day of the prologue, Saturday, May 27th, one hour before the start of the prologue. Earlier the training on the prologue course is not allowed!


Shuttle on Enduro Cerkno for training is not allowed.

Riders can train only with the help of their own power (pedaling) and chair lift assistance.

Chairlift Počivalo will work on Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th. The price for Saturday is as on the pricelist of the Bike Park. For Sunday the chairlift is included in the Entry Fee.


More about Bike Park Cerkno:












 Basic rules

  • Competition will run under rules of UCI, rules KZS (Slovenian Cycling Federation) for Enduro and SloEnduro rules.
  • Anykind of course cutting is not allowed on the trails.  It will be randomly checked.  Any violation of this rule will lead to disqualification of the rider.
  • Prologue is not obligatory to ride. Riders not present will get an avarage time of the whole field.
  • Competitors are taking part of the race on their own risk
  • Prize fund is under the rules of SloEnduro
  • Results of the race will be published on the race venue at “Alpska Perla”, 30min after finish and later on website www.sloenduro.com
  • Chief Referee: Lovro Žiberna
  • Delegate of SloEnduro is taking care for everything to be in accordance to the rules and arrangment inside of SloEnduro (numbers, sponsors, starting positions etc…)
  • On Saturday race office will be located on Bar Albinc in Cerkno, where the prologue will be held.  On Sunday race office will be located at the top of the SC Cerkno at “Alpska Perla”. Arrival to the venue will be marked, as well as transfers to the start of the stages.
  • On transfers riders will need to observe all road traffic regulations.
  • With entry fee payment and starting number pick-up every rider confirms to agree with all conditions of this propositions and is riding on his own risk. Young riders needs an adult person to take a responsibility for him which should be made by his parents or an adult person who signs an entry form.
  • Team managers meeting will be held before the start of the race, like it is sheduled on the event programme. Meeting will be held at the race office.
  • Riders have to take care to pick up the timing chips before the start.
  • Riding and warming-up on the race course in the time of the event is prohibited and will be sanctioned.
  • There will be marshal positioned beside the course
  • Any riding outside the marked trail is not allowed and will be sanctioned
  • Protecting gear is mandatory like the rules of KZS for enduro sais (Full-face helmet on the stages, XC helmet is allowed on transfers. Kneepads, full-finger glowes are mandatory on the stages).
  • Complaint will be accepted by racing commision in accordance with the rules. It will be accepted by cheif referee up to 10 minutes after results release. Complaint caution to be paid 20,00eur
  • Medical team will be present on the race venue.
  • Race will be run with the use of electronic timing. Riders are obliged to return chip, otherwise organiser will charge a costs for a lost chip, which is 50,00eur
  • Organiser reserves the right to change this propositions, which will be announced soon enough.
  • Organiser is not responsible for the consequences, which riders cause to their self, other riders or third party.
  • Race course will be marked at least one day before the start and ready for inspection.
  • Organiser reservers the right to change the course, stage number or stage lenght due to unexpected situation such as bad weather and similar. Organiser will announce any changes soon enough.

Organizator si pridržuje pravico do spremembe razpisa brez predhodnega opozorila

Entries and fees

Entries open

April 21st 2017

Entries system

Entries will run trough the Prijavim.se system. Entry is complete when it is actually paid. All informations about payment are available during the entry procedure.

Entries deadline

Wednesday, May 24th 2017, till 23:59

Late entries

Entries will be available also on Saturday from 15.30 till 17.00 and on Sunday from 8.00 till 9.00.

Entry fee – regular

Early entry fee until deadline – 40,00€

Entry fee – late entry

Late entry fee on day of the event – 50,00€

Entry fee payment

Entries payments will run trough the Prijavim.se system. All informations about payment are available during the entry procedure.

Late entry fee on the day of the event (50eur) can by paid in cash.

No license riders

Riders without the UCI licence can participate only if the have a valid Slovenian Cycling Federation membership card (KZS card) and they can only ride in the HOBI category. It is advised that riders get the KZS card before the race, but it will be possible to get it on the race day as well. KZS card price (white card) for 2017 year is 10,00eur. The card is valid till end of the season.

You can also get more informations about the card on SloEnduro email.

UCI license is obligatory for all riders, except the HOBI category riders.

Riders without license can only participate in HOBI category.


Race will be held under the SloEnduro categories:

Absolute category

JUNIORS (1999 younger)

MEN (1998 till 1988 including)

MASTER 1 (1987 till 1978 including)

MASTER 2 (1977 and older)

WOMEN (all ages)

HOBI (all ages)


Since the race is an EWS qualification race, riders will be divided in the EWS compatible categories according to their license. Results of EWS qualifications will be published separately.

For EWS qualifications points only riders with a valid EMBA membership will be taken into a count. Riders without EMBA membership will not be considered for EWS qualifications.

For easier waiting till the race you can watch the videos and photos from the past years