As promised, here is the course for Sunday’s race of SloEnduro series in Bovec. The riders who have been here last year, will be pretty familiar with it, but there are new things to learn as well.

First riders will be taking off from the Bovec main square on 9am on Saturday morning and heading to Kanin gondola “B” station. A bit higher up and they will reach the start of the first special stage which could be the most attractive of the day. That is why it has been chosen to be the Kenda SuperStage. Right there to start the day.


After finishing this stage they will return up the same mountain but continue from the start of stage one and descend to the start of stage two. The second special stage will take them almost all the way into the valley and finish near the Boka waterfall. A longer valley transfer to Čezsoča and feed zone will follow. After a short climb the rider will reach the start of third special stage, already know from last year’s edition.

A transfer across the valley follows, through the town of Bovec and up Kanin mountain again. It is not too far to the completely new stage four which ends close to Bovec.

The day ends with a downtown stage, ending right where the riders started in the morning, on main town square.

Total course length in 39,9 km with 1500 elevation meters of climbing and descending.

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