First team event of SloEnduro 4Fun, part of Tržič Trails Days festival, not happening this year.

We were really looking forward to the first team event under the SloEnduro organization. The Trans Julius Team Race was supposed to be held as a SloEnduro 4Fun event and part of Tržič Trail Days festival on August 8, after being moved from original date of May 17.

But both the festival and race are now cancelled due to the uncertainty of restrictions regarding mass sports events. It is now theoretically possible to hold a bare categorized national sports event in Slovenia, without the spectators, but a festival mountain bike event is another thing.

“We’ve been looking for answers with various insitutions but for now they are all negative with no clear plan for the upcoming months,” says Vesna Stanić of Trans Julius organization, also responsible for the Trans Julis multiple day stage event which is also cancelled for 2020.

You can’t go to a Trans Julius event this year but here’s what you can do: go ride with locals at four of their venues and support them by buying the “Rider 404” jersey. Go to

Photo by Andras Oravecz @andras_oravecz, Tržič Trail Days 2019.