SloEnduro awards are in the hands of their winners, but we want to say something more about the most prestigious award winner – best race of the season 2014. The honor of this title has been awarded for second time in a row to Black Hole Enduro.

Black Hole Enduro was held under SloEnduro series and under Black Hole Bike Festival for the second time in row. Why name Black Hole? The festival was built on base of Black Hole MTB Marathon which is special about the part of the course that takes riders underground in the old mines of Peca mountain. Riders are stucked in the dark for a few minutes and they have to depend on their lights only. So the name of the marathon was not hard to choose. When it all grew into a festival, the name of it was not a question.

It was just a matter of time when the festival will get it’s enduro race, so in 2013 it happened for the first time and the name was logical: Black Hole Enduro. Immediately race was crowned as best race of SloEnduro in 2013 season, as well as in 2014 season.


SloEnduro video of Black Hole Enduro


Riders vote for the event in slovenian Carinthia to be the best for the second time. This year organisers really made great effort for the race to be trully amazing. It all began in the city of Ravne with a nice prologue which brought mountainbiking in front of people’s homes. A bunch of spectators and short course of the prologue really gave that bit of an excitment before saturday’s main event,  5 enduro stages in Trail Park Jamnica, with start on the backyard of Eko Hotel Koroš, which really gives an amazing atmosphere. Terrains and trails in the park has never dissapointed the riders coming there and there was no difference this time. Riders again evaluated trails for some of the best.

Official video of Black Hole Bike Fest

Black Hole Enduro 2014 from Tine Lenart on Vimeo.


As a new project in this season, which is in the race of the SloEnduro events almost necessary for the “win”, the organisers prepared something which should be logical for the “Black Hole” – an underground stage, Black Hole stage…


Underground stage on video

Black hole – spacial stage from Tine Lenart on Vimeo.


Some of the best riders of saturday’s race in Trail Park Jamnica have been brought to Mežica, in front of the old mine under Peca mountain. A special dark treat of the weekend was waiting for them. They went in the mine tunnel with their bikes, 3,5km away from the sun light to get to the start of the special undeground stage. They got one trial round and one race round on the stage with a little less than 100m drop and than headed back to the sun, since the mine managers don’t want to keep people in the dark for too long. Perfect end of the weekend and certainly something that “Black Hole Enduro” needs. The race will be written in history with that undeground stage and we are sure organisers will give even more effort in next season.  Go Black Hole Enduro!

Congratulations to the organisers and all the best in the future

Jaka T




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