Bike Beer Fest Enduro


Bike Beer Fest Enduro | May 19 | Ilirska Bistrica (Slo)

Basic information

Organizer: GKD Borovci, Gabrije 5, 6250 Ilirska Bistrica

Event date: May 19 2019

Event location: Ilirska Bistrica (Slovenia)

Event director: Matej Krebelj

Chief commisaire: Egon Bajc

Organization contacts:

mailicongreen  Event director | Matej Krebelj | +386 40 52 00 55 | matej.krebelj@gmail.com
Course chief 
| Marko Šajn | +386 51 22 61 66 | mare.sajn@gmail.com
Registration/Race office | Boštjan Primc | +386 41 616 641 | info@bikebeerfest.si

webicongreen www.bikebeerfest.si

Facebook event

Timing crew

mailicongreen kucipedal@gmail.com  | Aleš Makuc | +386 31 851 539

Event description

As part of the 2nd Bike Beer Festival on the Black Fields over Ilirska Bistrica the 1st competition for the Enduro 4fun Cup will be on Sunday May 19 2019. On Saturday May 18 the trails will be open for training. On Sunday, the day of the race, the registration service will be opened from 8am, the competitors will have time for getting to know the race tracks by 10am.

The competition will take place on four different tracks in the hinterland of the Black Fields. The scheduled closing of the competition is around 4pm.

Course map


Race format

Classic format with four stages and the possibility of training one day before.

Starting order

The starting positions will be determined according to the SloEnduro Rules. The competitors will start the reverse order, that is, the number 1 start as the last one.

Event program

Saturday, May 18

10.00–16.00 Free training

Sunday, May 19

8.00–10.00 Race office open for registration and number pick up
8.00–10.00 Free training
11.00–16.00 Race
16.00–17.00 Award ceremony

Course description

Start will be on the Black Fields above Ilirska Bistrica. It will take place on four different trails in the total length of the downhill of 6.3km and a height difference of 720m. All stages take place along the forest area on a natural basis.

The trails are light to medium demanding, mostly flowy. They are carried on various bases (soil, rocks). The trails are mostly in the karst terrain, which quickly dries during wet conditions, and one trail passes to the flysch base, which is more slippery in the case of wet weather.

At the starting point of the competition there will be a refreshment zone where the organizer will prepare a refreshment for all competitors. The exact course of the race will be published Friday before the competition.

How to get there?

The venue of the race is the Black Fields (gps coordinates: 45.5725004, 14.25755649) above Ilirska Bistrica. When you reach Ilirska Bistrica, look for a turn toward Sviščaki. The path will begin to climb fast and after 2.5 km turn left. The access to the venue will be clearly marked with the organizer’s boards.

How to get to Ilirska Bistrica?

From the direction of Reka (Rijeka):
MP Jelšane – Ilirska Bistrica – at the 1st roundabout with the mill wheel – choose 2st exit then drive about 1 km and do not turn off the main road until the turn to Sviščaki. This is about 50 meters to the Pharmacy (on your right).

From the direction of Ljubljana:
Take the freeway on the Postojna exit. At the traffic light turn left – direction Ilirska Bistrica / Reka. Drive along the main road to Pivka – at the crossroad turn in the direction of Knežak – from there you continue in the direction of Ilirska Bistrica. At the first roundabout in Ilirska Bistrica, choose the third exit. After about 200 meters, you will see a signpost for Sviščaki, which will point you to the left.

From the direction of Koper:
Leave the motorway on Kozina and continue in the direction of Rijeka. After crossing Podgrad, turn left in the direction of Ilirska Bistrica. Hold the regionals until you reach Ilirska Bistrica. After crossing the bridge over the river Reko, turn right at the crossroads in the direction of Rijeka. After the bypass, just continue to the traffic lights where you turn left in the direction of the center. Cross the rail and stay on the main road. After about 300 meters you will arrive at the junction with the former service station. Turn right and get to the roundabout at Pri Matte inn, select 2 exit. After about 200 meters, you will see a signpost for Sviščaki, which will point you to the left.

Safety gear

Safety gear is mandatory according to SloEnduro rules. On stages there is mandatory to use:  full-face helmet, knee protectors and full-finger gloves. Back protector and elbow protectors are highly advised as well. On transfer riders can ride with open face XC helmet. All protection must be well fitted during the stages, while on transfers riders are not obligated to use it, except for the helmet.

For Junior category a back protector or a backpack with a reinforced backbone is mandatory!


Race course will be published on Friday before the race. After race course announcement, training on the course will be possible as well. Any use of motorized shuttle or e-bike is forbidden for training purposes. Training is only allowed with use of rider’s own power.

General propositions

• Competition will run under rules of UCI, rules KZS (Slovenian Cycling Federation) for enduro and SloEnduro 2019 rules.
• Any kind of course cutting is not allowed on the trails. It will be randomly checked. Any violation of this rule will lead to disqualification of the rider.
• Prize fund according to rules of SloEnduro.
• Results of the race will be published on the race venue 30min after finish and later on website www.sloenduro.com.
• Chief Commisaire:
• SloEnduro Delegate: Concerns that everything is in line with the rules and arrangements within SloEnduro (numbers, sponsors, start locations, etc.)
• Arrival to the venue will be marked, as well as transfers to the start of the stages.
• Race office is located at the venue.
• On transfers riders will need to comply to road traffic regulations.
• With entry fee payment and starting number pick-up every rider confirms to agree with all conditions of this propositions and is riding on his own risk.
• For under aged riders their parent or guardian needs to sign the entry form.
• Riders have to take care to pick up the timing chips before the start.
• Riding and warming-up on the race course in the time of the event is prohibited and will be sanctioned.
• There will be marshalls positioned beside the course
• Protecting gear is mandatory according to KZS rules for enduro (full-face helmet on the stages, XC helmet is allowed on transfers. Kneepads, full-finger gloves are mandatory on the stages).
• Protests will be accepted by racing commission in accordance with the rules. It will be accepted by chief commisaire up to 10 minutes after results are posted. Protest fee is 20 €.
• Medical team will be present on the race venue.
• Race will be run with the use of electronic timing. Riders are obliged to return chip, otherwise organiser will charge a cost for lost chip, which is 50 €.
• Organizer reserves the right to change these propositions, any changes will be announced on time.
• Organizer is not responsible for the consequences caused by riders to themselves, other riders or third party.
• Race course will be marked at least one day before the start and ready for inspection. Organizer reserves the right change the course, number of stages or stage length due to unexpected situation such as bad weather and similar. Organizer will announce any changes on time.


Registration & fees

Registration opens
One month before event.

Registration system
Entries will be accepted through Prijavim.se system. Entry is complete when it is paid. All information about payment is available during the entry procedure.

Registration deadline
Thursday before event.

Late registration
Late entries will be accepted in race office until 9am on race day.

Registration fee
30€ (15€ for Junior category)

Late registration fee 40€ (15€ for Junior category)

Entry fee payment
All info on online payment available on www.prijavim.se. Late registration with cash only.

Non- licensed riders
They compete without any special restrictions. It is mandatory to pre-register with Prijavim.se, as for all other categories. Organizer advises to order Slovenian Cycling Federation membership card, but it’s not obligatory. With the membership, riders get s the third party liability insurance for the whole season. Riders can order, pay and receive the card on the day of the event.


Race will be held under the recommended SloEnduro 4fun categories.

Overall category
Junior men 12-17
Men 18–24
Men 25–29
Men 30–34
Men 35–39
Men 40–44
Men 45–49
Men 50 +
Women (all ages)