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    Merjasec Enduro | Video

    Here’s the video report by Tine Lenart from Ruše. Now you can maybe get the idea of the heavenly trails we’ve been riding on Pohorje mountain during the “Wild Boar” Enduro.  

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    Merjasec Enduro | Photo Gallery

    A photo gallery from our in-house lensman Ma Tej from 2018 SloEnduro series round 3 – the Merjasec (Wild Boar) between Areh and Ruše.

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    Merjasec Enduro | Austrian wins before National Championships

    Austrian switch in women’s category, Yana Dobnih wins SloEnduro round 3 in Ruše, Slovenia, Kevin Maderegger takes series lead with his second victory this year.

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    Merjasec Enduro | The Course

    Here are the details on the course of SloEnduro round three. Not just three special stages, it’s 3 plus Kenda SuperStage.