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    Enduro 3 Camini 2018 | Video

    The Trieste club 360 MTB produced this video – not just the 7th enduro race on Cattinara hill and surroundings but also the first Gravity Games, including Saturday’s races for the young and the old, the “easy DH” and dual slalom which are covered in first part of the video.

  • Erwin Ronzon

    7th Enduro 3 Camini with record turnout

    After five special stages of round two of SloEnduro 4Fun series in Trieste Erwin Ronzon and Eli Cos top the ranking of 236 riders.

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    Enduro Kamplc 2018 | Video

    SloEnduro’s in-house filmmaker Tine Lenart with Jani Brumat on second camera plus some GoPro shots by Julian Hauer and there you have it, the video from Enduro Kamplc, the first round of 2018.

  • _MG_0923

    Enduro Kamplc 2018 | Photo galley number two

    Here’s the second photo gallery from Sunday’s Enduro Kamplc, contributed by Anita Ferjančič.