After announcing SloEnduro series calendar in the beginning of January we are now ready to publish the 4Fun series calendar for new season. This year we have seven events included in the series, three less than last season. There are only two months left till the season starts!

This year’s season will be slightly different, as the races will mostly expand their formats and will no longer be one-stage events. Most of the organizers are planning to prepare multi-stage races, more similar to the classic enduro format, except for the shorter distance. We start in Gorizia, Italy and end in Sopron, Hungary, which will be there instead of Mecsek Enduro. In between there will be four Slovenian and another Italian venue in the calendar, so let’s see how it goes…

GoEnduro in Gorizia for the start | March 26th

We start the season two weeks before the first SloEnduro race in Grožnjan. On March 26th we will warm up the engines in Gorizia. Organizers are planning to start and end the race in Gorizia, the race course will take the riders trough several stages on three to four different trails in on the hills nearby the town. We’ll have the detailed info soon since there are just two months until the event.

To be continued in Dobrna | May 7th

Enduro Krokar returns to 4Fun series for third year in a row. We’ll be there a week after Enduro 3 Camini with the race senses dialed in and spirits high. The organizer has plans to change the whole course once again. There will be multiple stages held on two or three different courses close to Dobrna.

Wild Boar Enduro with boosted elevation | June 18th

Mid-June the series stops in Ruše near Maribor for second Merjasec (Wild Boar) Enduro. This event will be refreshed with a new start/finish venue in Ruše, closer to the hill and the trails. But more importantly, the new trail will be ready and the course will take the riders all the way into the valley. There will be three to four different stages from Areh on top to town of Ruše.

Get “crowded” at Matadown after the break | August 6th

We’ll have quite a break after Wild Boar and return with Black Hole Enduro at the end of July. Anyone with some gas left in the tank can continue racing just a week later at Matadown in Italy, the fourth 4Fun series event of the year. This classic mass start event, taking off from top of Matajur mountain, was voted best 4Fun race of 2016. Participants will earn their start positions in morning qualification runs and then enter the real battle in the afternoon.

Enduro Krvavec | August 27th

We’ll finish the summer with two events in Slovenian bike parks. First we’ll stop at Krvavec on the last August weekend. They are working on a new connecting trail above the the gondola’s top station that will lead to the start of Pussycat trail. Complete trail to the bottom will be used in competition. Racing will be split into several stages with transfers in between. We’ll race on two or three different stages.

Enduro Kranjska Gora | September 2nd & 3rd

A week later we’ll pay a visit to another Slovenian bike center, Kranjska Gora. To race on the trails of Kranjska Gora Bike Park is the only right thing to do there but this time we’ll expand to a new trail outside the park limits as well. As organizers say there will be several stages held on three to four trails.

Enduro Sopron | September 30th & October 1st

We saved the trip to Hungary for last. Last year’s Mecsek Enduro received some high praise so the organizers decided to take it up a notch. They are moving the event to Sopron to put on an even better event as they say, since they were limited by the terrain in Mecsek. They should be holding four stages on three different course.

Just a week after the final 4Fun event we’ll meet again at the SloEnduro series final, the Kamplc Enduro in Ajdovščina, organized by Kamplc Racing Team.


2017 4Fun series calendar

March 26th | GoEnduro | Gorizia (ITA) | U.C. Caprivesi

May 7th | Enduro Krokar | Dobrna (SLO) | KD Krokar

June 18th | Merjasec Enduro | Ruše (SLO) | ŠD NLP

August 6th | Matadown | San Pietro al Natisone (ITA) | ASD Maglia Nera & Vallimpiadi

August 27th | Enduro Krvavec | Krvavec (SLO) | ŠD Bam.Bi & RTC Krvavec

September 2nd/3rd | Enduro Kranjska Gora |Kranjska G. (SLO) | Športna Točka d.o.o.

September 30th/Oct. 1st | Sopron Enduro | Sopron (HUN) | FRO Racing