This is how we will race and enjoy our weekends with enduro family in the ninth SloEnduro series season. Seven points races and an additional promotional event. One new and one returning venue.

For the second time in series history the traditional final event in Grožnjan moves to the start of the season. Coming next will be the event in Ilirska Bistrica under a new name, followed by the welcome come back of the event in Dobrna. Then it’s time for the successful 2021 rookies from Novo mesto to host their round, followed by the newcomers how will host an event on Cilenca trails. Slovenian National Championships follow mid-summer, only followed by the series final on the last weekend in August, the classic event in Ajdovščina.

The Golovec race will have a special status as a promotional event under SloEnduro roof, but with no series points awarded.

  • April 9/10 – SloEnduro Grozni, Grožnjan (Cro) – BBK Grožnjan
  • May 14/15 – SloEnduro Borovci, Ilirska Bistrica (Slo) – GKD Borovci (moved from May 7/8)
  • May 28/29 – SloEnduro Krokar, Dobrna (Slo) – KD Krokar
  • June 12 – SloEnduro Gorjanci, Novo mesto (Slo) – KD Zverinice
  • June 26 – SloEnduro Cilenca, Zagorje ob Savi (Slo) – KK Zagorska dolina
  • July 23/24 julij – SloEnduro Kope, Bike park Kope – (Slo National Championship) – MTB Koroška
  • August 27/28 – SloEnduro Kamplc, Ajdovščina (Slo) – DK Kampelc
  • September 18 – Enduro Golovec trails, Ljubljana (Slo) – promotional event

As you can see from the calendar, the two day events are back, there are five of them, two are single day events.

What happened to the SloEnduro 4Fun events? The 4Fun racing will find its place within the events, please stand by for more information on that and the other changes we’ve been working on. Coming soon!