Ninth season of SloEnduro mountain bike enduro series is approaching. Facing the situation the international series will be run mainly on Slovenian soil.

Six races for the points for the ranking of the “big league” SloEnduro series are planned, plus two SloEnduro 4Fun events.

Classic venues are returning for the series, starting mid-May and ending on the first weekend in October. Cerkno, Ajdovščina, Novo mesto (the only one that has not hosted a big league event yet), the EWS venue of Petzen/Jamnica on Austrian-Slovenian border, Kočevje and Grožnjan (Croatia). The two 4Fun events will be held in Ilirska Bistrica and Ljubljana, both in Slovenia.

So besides racing in Slovenia part of one event will be held in Austria and the final event will be held in Croatia.

Single-day races

The format of big league races will also be adjusted. While 4Fun events have always been single-day races, the big league will also apply this format for 2021. On race day (Sunday) one run over the complete length of the course will be first held as practice, followed by timed race run. Both runs will be run according to timetable, but the practice run will have a more relaxed timing to allow riders to get to know the special stages.

The course will be marked on Saturday by organizer and SloEnduro delegate but practice will not be allowed on that day. Riding on other trails will be allowed to still make the events worthy of a weekend trip for the riders.

Total climbing on race day will be between 1200 and 1600 vertical meters (practice + race run) and a maximum of 800 vertical meters for U15 and U17 categories.

Details on new format to follow.

2021 SloEnduro series calendar

May 16 – Enduro Cerkno (Slo) by ŠD Pedal Cerkno – SloEnduro 1
May 23 – Kamplc enduro, Ajdovščina (Slo) by DK Kampelc – SloEnduro 2, National Championships
June 6 – Bike Beer Fest Enduro, Ilirska Bistrica (Slo) by GKD Borovci – SloEnduro 4Fun
June 20 – Enduro Gorjanci, Novo mesto (Slo) by RKD Zverinice – SloEnduro 3
July 18* – Black Hole Enduro, Peca/Jamnica (Aut/Slo) by MTB Koroška – SloEnduro 4, EWS Qualifier
August 29 – Enduro Kočevje (Slo) by KD Melamin – SloEnduro 5
September 12 – Golovec trails, Ljubljana (Slo) by Golovec trails – SloEnduro 4Fun
October 3 – Enduro Grozni, Grožnjan (Cro) by BBK Grožnjan ­- SloEnduro 6

*Attention, moved from July 23


Photo by Anže Petkovšek