All together 14 events under the SloEnduro roof, 6 of them in the “big league”. New and returning venues on both levels of racing and some rule changes as well.

Here’s the heavily anticipated 2020 season calendar from the SloEnduro headquarters. In its 8th season the international series based in Slovenia and extending to some events in Croatia and Italy will include no less than 14 events. Six of these will be making the SloEnduro “big league” series and another eight the less demanding SloEnduro 4Fun series.

Biggest news in the big league would be Enduro Cerkno returning after a two year hiatus with a EWS Qualifier event doubling as Slovenian National Championships and two new venues – Enduro Gorjanci near Novo mesto, a SloEnduro debutant, and Enduro Kočevje which first appeared in 4Fun series in 2019.

Again the big league starts in Ajdovščina with Kamplc Enduro at the end of April, Cerkno follows mid-June, then Enduro Gorjanci at the end of June. After the summer break the mid-September race in MTB trail center Kočevje opens the second half of the season and just like in 2019 the last two events will be held in Croatia: Trnduro near Rijeka on the first October weekend and the classic final in Grožnjan two weeks later, this time with overall standings award presentations.

Tržič is new among the 4Fun venues with a new competition format, a team race. Matadown, the mass start race from Matajur, Italy, returs to the series.

Black Hole Enduro will be missing from the 2020 SloEnduro calendar with the best of excuses. It will be hosting a round of Enduro World Series on July 11 and 12.

What’s new?

A SloEnduro big league event will now need to consist of a minimum of four special stages with a minimum of 1250 m of climbing/descending. A minimum total race time of 18 minutes is advised.

At all SloEnduro big league events, U15, U17 and Hobby categories will race on a shorter course of 2 or 3 special stages with elevation gain/loss of 500 to 850 vertical meters. A total race time of around 10 minutes is advised.

There will be more regulation of Saturday’s training. Details soon!

2020 SloEnduro series calendar

March 15 – Gorizia Enduro, Gorizia (Ita), SloEnduro 4Fun 1
April 19 – Enduro 3 Camini, Trieste (Ita), SloEnduro 4Fun 2
April 26 – Kamplc Enduro, Ajdovščina (Slo), SloEnduro 1
May 17 – Trans Julius Team Race, Tržič (Slo), SloEnduro 4Fun 3
May 31 – Bike & Beer Fest Enduro, Ilirska Bistrica (Slo), SloEnduro 4Fun 4
June 13/14 – Enduro Cerkno, Cerkno (Slo), SloEnduro 2 + Slovenia Nat. Championships
June 21 – Na Kope 4Fun, Kope (Slo), SloEnduro 4Fun 5
June 28 – Enduro Gorjanci, Novo mesto (Slo), SloEnduro 3
August 9 – Matadown, San Pietro al Natisone (Ita), SloEnduro 4Fun 6
August 30 – Enduro Krvavec, Krvavec (Slo), SloEnduro 4Fun 7
September 13 – Enduro Kočevje, Kočevje (Slo), SloEnduro 4
September 20 – Golovec trails Ljubljana, Ljubljana (Slo), SloEnduro 4Fun 8
October 3/4 – Trnduro, Trnovica (Cro), SloEnduro 5
October 17/18 – Enduro Grozni, Grožnjan (Cro), SloEnduro 6


P.S. February 7: Due to date clashes we were forced to swap dates of Kamplc Enduro (now April 19) and Enduro 3 Camini (4Fun event, now April 26). We hope that doesn’t cause you too much inconvenience.

Refreshed SloEnduro series calendar

Refreshed SloEnduro 4Fun series calendar