Take a guess where we get together to wrap up the season and give out the trophies! No idea? Keep reading…

In “Hiša mladih” in Ajdovščini, of course! Right where we started the “big league” season. On Saturday, November 16, starting at 5pm.

Just like the venue, the program is mostly standard: presenting trophies to top three of each category and top five overall, plus the best team, the SuperRider (yes, just one this year) and Kenda SuperStage overall winners. See the final standings here.

And finally the event of the year presentation! You can still vote for that one: Best event of 2019 SloEnduro is… Vote now!

Weather permitting, we’ll also go for a ride before that. Stand by for more info.

Hiša mladih Ajdovščina: www.mc-hisamladih.si